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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Transformers - Hall of Fame 2012 - Yesss

Well, it's that time of year again. Hasbro is running their poll for the 2012 Transformers Hall of Fame

Let's run down the list, and I'll give my thoughts on each of the nominees.

Megatron (Beast Wars): I know I'm voting for him, you know I'm voting for him. Quite possibly the greatest villain in the entire multversal mythos of the Transformers. Smart, cunning, ruthless, and with a slick air of charm about him. He was an evil genius, who had more character and brains in one finger than the original Megatron had in his entire body. I love this guy. I've said so before and I'll say this again, anyone who prefers the G1 Megatron is either a nostalgic fuckwit, or has "a condition."

Wheeljack: He built the Dinobots, and... um... I've got nothing.

Arcee: Real femmes don't wear pink.

Rodimus: If Megs weren't in this poll, Rodimus would get my vote. He had something Optimus Prime didn't have, he was a three-dimensional character. He changed and grew over the course of the entire third season of the series before settling into the leadership role that was thrust onto him. Then all that character development got thrown out the window because kids cried at a movie theater. But, Megs is here so sorry, Rodimus. Better luck next year.

Sky-Byte: Ha ha ha ha ha!You know, I'm tempted to support him. RiD sucked, but Sky-Byte was fun, the bright spot in that series. However... no, I can't do it. But seeing him there did make me smile.


  1. In a perfect world, both BW Megs and Sky-Byte would get in. D=

  2. BW Megs is the better character, but I like Rodimus Prime far too much to not throw any votes that way. Both are my top two Transformers, but Megs will probably win, and I would pick him if I had to choose one.