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Monday, April 9, 2012

Alone Against A.I.M.

The second season of "Avengers" continues with an episode that is rather low key compared to last week's introduction of Dr. Doom, and entire last half of the first season. Iron Man, Black Panther and SkrullCap are the only Avengers present in the episode. Thor is probably still back at Asgard, and Hank is probably too busy beating Jan senseless at home to participate... because he is a pacifist.

The basic premise is that a bunch of disgruntled A.I.M. scientists are pissed off and want to take half of Tony Stark's toys and blow up the other half. So they unleash the Technovore to eat his portable A.R.C. Reactor. Hilarity ensues and then Pepper Potts punches the A.I.M. Scientist Supreme (think he was picked on in school?) in the face.

This was a fun episode, and low key is fine. The fate of the entire planet and the nine realms doesn't need to be at stake in every episode. Plus, this episode dealt with Tony shirking his corporate responsibilities in favor of his superhero hobby. It was nice to see Pepper make the point that if Stark Industries goes broke, there will be no one to fund the Avengers. We'll see where this goes, but I can easily see Tony putting Pepper in charge of the company as he did in the movies so he can focus his attention on saving the world, drinking, and getting laid. Like all great superheroes.

Maria Hill played a big part in this episode, and smacked us in the face with elements of "Civil War." Well, if the show must go in this direction, let's hope it doesn't suck this time. I thought it was a great idea in the comics that was ultimately botched by poor execution. But, more frightening than that.... good lord, Tony. Don't do it. Please, please, please... don't do it. And no, I don't mean join the Registration side... I mean, please don't tap Maria Hill. Ever.

Seeing War Machine was great. I had wondered if Rhody had become War Machine yet in this continuity, and now we know. If preview art and press release screen shots are any indicator, we're going to see more. He's more than welcome as far as I'm concerned. Certainly more welcome than Jeph Loeb's Red Hulk abomination.... which sadly is coming too.

SkrullCap is asking questions, and getting answers. Will this bite anyone in the ass? Nah. Can't say I'm a fan of the new energy shield though. I hope they reconstruct the original some time. And while I'm at it, I'm not a fan of the Ultimate Cap costume. I hope when the real Cap returns, he's back in the old Old Glory. Oh, and Skrully (that's my new name for him, I want Gillian Anderson to play him), also has a drive full of Stark tech specs.

Fun episode, looking forward to the next one.


  1. Not that this is entirely reliable, but Jeph Loeb did say in an interview that Red Hulk was already integrated in the show before he gained his job at Marvel Animation. Perhaps Yost and Fine will do a better job with the character than his own creator?

    Also, as much as I enjoy taking a dig at the Ultimate Cap, this does kinda open a small plot hole: Why would the Skrull modify his Captain America costume and take even the smallest risk of being busted when he could replicate Cap's old costume just fine?

    1. I didn't say Loeb forced Red Hulk in, I just called it an abomination... like everything Loeb does.

    2. Hey now, Jeff Parker's done some great things with the Red Hulk character. Cetainly better than anything Loeb did.

      As for why Skrull Cap got a new costume... he's a very hip and fashionable Skrull?

  2. In my head the Ultimate Cap costume was used to go, "hey look it's not the real Cap" since Ultimate Cap isn't the real Cap. That guy's a douchebag who's more a parody of America than what it should stand for. But that’s just me hating the Ultimate Cap rather than the show having a deliberate dig at him, but I like to think it's true.

    Also in the comics Tony did tap that. Comic Tony is a giant manwhore so it's to be expected he tap anything with a pulse, and knowing Marvel a few things without one.

    1. I like to think that's true too.

      And I know he fucked Maria Hill in the comics... I am hoping he doesn't repeat that mistake here.

  3. What do think should have been done with Civil War? I will say that I haven't heard anything good about that story, from the premise being set in the Marvel Universe where heroes have been around for decades, but then, all the stuff afterwards, I have no idea what they were thinking. Oh and people laugh when I tell them about Sally Floyd, especially the notion of us supposing to side with her.