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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just To Address Something.

Apparantly, this blog has been garnering a rather large number of hits originating from a website called "Americans Who Hate Obama." Now, I don't have strong feelings about Mr. Barry Obama one way or the other, and I have been unable to find the link when I poked around that site. This is a tad confusing.

In fact, the only mention of Mr. Obama on this entire blog has been as a pretty terrible and stupid joke on this entry: In Zarm's Way. But, I would be interested to see the look on the Tea Baggers' faces when they click on where ever said link is and are greeted by all the rantings and ravings I have about Spider-Man cartoons. Come to think of it, where is Drake Bell's birth certificate? I do not believe he was born in this country! Jeph Loeb is running Death Panels! He's murdering all the Marvel cartoons! Paul Dini used to work at DC! He pals around with Superman and Batman!

New "Young Justice" review coming... soonish.


  1. The Only death panel ever made by Marvel was by Gerry Conway, John Romita Sr., and Roy Thomas...Google it!

    1. Surely every time a comic character dies, it's depicted in a death panel./awful pun

    2. The pun was unintentional on my end.

  2. Go fuck yourself.