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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The USM Drama continues...

I don't want to keep doing this, but this just keeps getting better and better. I've lurked, and the reception to "Ultimate Spider-Man" seems to be lukewarm at best. Although I've seen more and more people turning against it. Now, some people really seem to like it, and they are entitled to. I don't mind people having different opinions as long as they're not stupid about it. However, sometimes a whack upside the head with clue-by-four is needed.

A few of the people who really embraced USM have been hitting back at "Spectacular Spider-Man" in ways that just, well, made me laugh my ass off. Apparently SSM is now "the dark, depressing, moody" Spider-Man show. Yes, you read that right: "dark, depressing, moody." And any kid that doesn't like USM because he needs a "dark, depressing, moody" Spider-Man actually "needs a therapist."

So, because we are fun hating sourpusses, let's re-visit this:

Yes, for truly, "Spectacular Spider-Man" made "Schindler's List" look like a light comedy.

Wait, it gets better. I need to quote this, another reason why USM is "superior" in someone's eyes:

"Venom also wasn't as creepy as he's been in previous Spider-Man cartoons, so younger viewers won't have nightmares (my son was quite freaked out when Venom grew a mouth in his abdomen in SSM). He was 5 when Spectacular Spiderman first came out... He loved the Venom Saga of the 90's cartoon, and saw SM3 in theaters, but for some reason, SSM's Venom with the torso mouth gave him a jolt the first time he saw it... I must admit, I was weirded out by it, just from a "WTF?" standpoint... he's VENOM not Satan in Dante's Divine Comedy!"
Um.... yeah. I don't have anything to add to this. Remember back when 90's fans accused SSM of being "immature" and "kiddy?" We have come full circle.

"Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Heroes" review coming soon.


  1. What. The. Acrobatic. F***. "Dark, depressing, moody"??!

    Also... someone took a 5 year old to see Spidey 3. Jeez, that's tantamount to child abuse. And the film could be scary too.

  2. You know how you gave your criticism in regards to Flash being a typical bully from the episodes you did see.

    Well, to add insult to injury, the Venom episode has Flash attempting to defend himself from the Venom symbiote. His defense?

    "Eat Parker instead". Yeah, TSSM is definitely better with their depiction of Flash, but even his counterpart from Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends had more to offer.

    1. Flash was in Amazing Friends?

    2. Yep. He made a cameo in the episode Sunfire and lengthier appearances in:

      - Swarm
      - Videoman
      - Knights & Demons
      - Along Came Spidey
      - Spider-Man Unmasked
      - The Education of a Superhero
      - Spidey Meets The Girl From Tomorrow

      Voiced also by Frank Welker.

  3. Since it's not related to my previous comment, I have to kind of laugh at the constant TSSM is dark and moody comment myself.

    1. Now I've made it no secret that I prefer lighter and optimistic fare (though I have some favorites when it comes to dark material like Watchmen), TSSM is far from it.

    2. Weren't people complaining how the designs made it look goofy, but now they praise USM for actually having a goofy tone?

    1. Well, that's the USM apologists. Most everywhere I've lurked, people are really not liking this one. Some are, though.

      SSM was the best, and I think most know it and acknowledge it.

  4. One fandom says its too "kiddy", the other says its too "dark" and the Spectacular fans say, "just right." ;)

    I don't get fans sometimes. It's like the only way they can say good things about something they like is to try and put down something popular. OK SSM is dark compared to USM but that doesn't mean anything. Compared to Superfriends Young Justice is a HBO show, doesn't mean YJ actually airs on HBO.

    And seriously, taking a 4 year old to see SM3 that’s just bad parenting.

    1. What's ironic is that 90's Spidey was hardly dark or mature either. Melodramatic? Totally. Hell, 90's Spidey was immature and kiddy compared to Gargoyles and Batman TAS too.

    2. Aw well, at the end of the day, the best Spider-Man cartoon is still Spectacular Spider-Man, and the second best Spider-Man cartoon ever made was Batman Beyond.

  5. Venom NOT being creepy is a good thing now? He's psychotic stalker bonded to an evil mind-controlling alien parasite! Venom is SUPPOSED to be creepy!

  6. Yo Greg!

    If you liked USM, you're really gonna love THIS!

    but seriously fuck you, jeph loeb

    1. Yeah, I already saw this. I'll be mentioning it in my Avengers review.

      Jeph Loeb: Taking animation back to the standards of the 80's since 2011. He's like the Anti-Weisman.

    2. chdr> What so, Avengers: EMH is successful, yet somehow Leob thinks that it needs to be fixed?

    3. That article is from which is considred to be rumor centeral. Back when the whole Loki's army from the Avengers movie was going about, someone theorized that the aliens are Atlanteans due to their blue skin and those dragon like creatures as dragons as well as a billboard from Iron Man 2.

      I'll wait til Comic-Con if Loeb is going to kill it.

      However, if it's renewed fro a third season, would anyone want the series to be done by other writers? Especially since the original writing team has moved on.

      If it does get cancelled, then I'll prepare the food launchers for Comic-Con. Everyone is welcome to bring pies and tomatoes.

      Also, Jeph Loeb = George Lucas of anything comic book related

  7. Let's be honest: the reason SpecSpidey was considered "childish" was because it DARED not to outline every single one of Peter's muscles in every scene.

    Still haven't seen a single episode of USM. Still don't have the slightest interest in changing that. But this kind of double-standard is just absurd.

  8. The worst thing is that apparently Loeb can't even wait to cancel EMH and is instead forcing the writers to make the show "less complex" by filling the final half of S2 with standalone episodes.

    I usually don't mind simple "popcorn shows" but come on.

  9. Just saw the IGN vid of TSS-M quips -- dear God, that was ONLY the first season!

    Really wish I had my SpecSpidey DVDs on me . . .

  10. Trust me, Greg it gets worse, USM is horrid, but some recent news surfaced and it's about the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes....*shudders*

    Jeph Loeb: Killing Marvel animation since 2010.

    1. Already mentioned in my last Avengers review

  11. I really don't get the idea of making another Spiderman show that focused more on comedy. SSM had some great comedic moments, even when it got more serious. And what I'll never understand is why anybody would go with the idea of lighthearted adaption of something from the Ultimate Marvel Universe, part of that setting's premise is being darker. Hell, they KILLED Peter Parker, who I read was one of the few likable heroes in that universe.