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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Usual Suspects

In the early promotion of "Young Justice," Greg Weisman said that the theme of the first season was "secrets and lies." He was not kidding, that theme was a major factor in "Young Justice" being one of the darkest animated series in a long time. Both this show and "Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Heroes" premiered around the same time, give or take a few weeks, and I remember my brother and I remarking to each other that it was kind of funny that the series about the adult heroes was bright and rather cheerful with occasional dark moments, while the series about the teen sidekicks was the dark and rather dire with occasional cheerful moments. Well the secrets and lies are out now...

But what surprised me was that the none of Superboy, Miss Martian, or Artemis's secrets and lies were exposed by villains. They confessed them on their own. This by no means a complaint of mine. One thing heroes are defined by is their courage. What can be more courageous than facing your own fears, which each of them did here.

Superboy came clean about his use of the shields, and that Lex Luthor is his other father. Following that, we found out that "Red Sun" was the only bit of programming Cadmus successfully got into his brain before Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad liberated him. And Miss Martian was able to remove the "Red Sun" command from his head.

Artemis came clean about her family connections, and wasn't shunned by anybody. Her moments were quite cathartic, I think. I did enjoy it when Cheshire saved her life, and even though Cheshire managed to escape, I bet she enjoyed kicking her father in the face at the end. I know I would have.

Miss Martian revealed what she really was to the Team, and they all took it rather well. The big surprise for me being that Superboy knew since the Bialya mission, although in retrospect it shouldn't have. I still am curious if Martian Manhunter knows this secret or not. Well, if he doesn't know now, he'll know soon... if he survives. Honestly, I misjudged her entire relationship with Superboy. In my defense, I was assuming based on what I knew at the time, but I don't mind being wrong.

I thought the Santa Prisca battle scene was one of the best in the series. Everyone got something to do, and while it was fun to see Bane again, I can already foresee some 90's fanboys once again complaining. Personally, I never liked Bane, never thought he was worthy to "break the bat" and was happy to see Robin kick his ass. Let's just say that Christopher Nolan has his work cut out for him to convince me that this character can carry a movie once "The Dark Knight Rises" hits this summer.

Rocket is the new member of the Team, and... while I'm sure there will be much more to her than just a sassy black chick, this is a Greg Weisman production after all, she hasn't made an impression on me beyond that yet. But I can't blame her, this is an episode heavy with lots of material and plot threads coming to a head. I did, however, like her scene at the beginning where she said the other sidekicks were her inspiration.

So, who was the mole?

Red Arrow. Who saw it coming? I didn't. I probably should have, I did narrow it down to him and Aqualad last week, but I didn't. I guess I expected the mole to be on the Team, but really all Ra's al Ghul said was that they had an operative on the inside. Red Arrow was... is friends with Kid Flash, Robin, and Aqualad, so I can easily see them casually mentioning things to him before he tips off the Light. But, considering that Red Arrow had no clue that he was the mole himself, I'm guessing that there is far more to this story... and we'll find out next week.

And what a cliffhanger to leave us on. Red Arrow places the Starro pieces on each member of the Justice League, then they all bow down to Vandal Savage. I love a good cliffhanger, and right now I'm really wishing that this was an hour long special. Well, a week isn't that long a time, and the wait will be worth it to see the Team take on their mentors... while the creative team hits us with one last sucker punch for the season.

Personally, I hope Vandal Savage cuts off Superman's head and chucks it into the nearest red sun, but I doubt that will happen. Aw well, tuning in next week, same bat time, same bat channel.


  1. Funny thing (to me anyways), back in the "Targets" talkback I asked the question:
    "I should probably know the answer to this, but was Chesire even in on the fact that Lex's plan with Ra's was all a ruse? I suppose Lex might of planned to use Mercy @ the beginning instead of at the end, and Red Arrow just intervened."
    The answer was so friggin obvious the entire time, Roy just so happened to conveniently be there to intervene. Made even more apparent by Sportsmaster's "Let's just say I have an inside source, very inside". He was just being an asshole to Kaldur by indirectly telling him the mole's in this very place.

    And then there's Roy. He was the one who brought up the idea that Sportsmaster's words meant there was a mole on the inside, when his words could've meant anything like him being in contact with other villains. Not to mention I thought that there was something off about Roy giving up on there being no mole on the team that easily last week. Now we know why.

    But the ending scene implies that Roy's been under The Light's control for awhile, but how long? Hopefully next week answers some of these questions.

    Also good to see everyone revealing their problems in that scene at the cave.
    See Artemis, was it really that hard telling your friends about your family? And I knew Wally would make up with Artemis if he knew the truth. Nice to see I was right about that. Also it was very satisfying to see Artemis kick her Dad in the face. A long time coming if you ask me. Also liked Artemis giving her Dad's mask to Wally as a souvenir.

    It looks like Conner started getting closer to M'gann AFTER he found out about her being a white martian in Bialya. It kind of shows that relationship is not as shallow as I once thought it was.

    The show has got ALOT on it's plate going into next week, but since Greg Weisman (the head honcho) himself is writing the episode, I'm confident it won't disappoint.

    Also, line of the episode goes to Wally after asking who's next. "I swear I was kidding."

  2. Now that was a fantastic episode, from beginning to end. Sadly I was spoiled about the mole's identity by a troll a few weeks ago so the final scene didn't have the same impact as it should've.

    Looks like my theory on why Sportsmaster told Kaldur there was a mole on the Team was wrong. He said it so Roy would go on a mole hunt, when Kaldur kept the mole a secret the Light arranged the Red Tornado incident to get Kaldur to tell the League/Team about what Sportsmaster said. Then Roy could start his mole hunt proper and get more and more inside the League, earning their trust, so when the membership drive came he'd be more than likely voted in.

    Very clever. I can't wait till next week to find out why Roy was the mole. I wonder if I'm right about him being a Cadmus creation.

    Rocket was a good translation from the comic personality. Which is fairly different than the rest of the Team so future interactions will be fun. I hope her, "why hello there" glace at Kaldur was just her going, "I think he's hot" rather than setting up another Team couple.

    As for Bane, well when he doesn't have Venom pumped into his brain he can be a smart, cunning, opponent. When he does he turns into a generic bruiser with an easy weak point that always gets used to take him down.

  3. Hey, Greg. Should I mention an little detail about the relationship between Vandal Savage and Red Arrow?

    It's canon in the comics.

  4. @ Reaf: One thing did bother me about Roy's interactions with the League/Team in Secrets, given hindsight. If the Light wanted him to throw suspicion on to the others why would he do it at a time when the good guys thought the Injustice League were the main culprits?

    @ Anonymous: that's the main comics, but we don't know if this continuity applies the same ties, especially when this version of Artemis Crock is a hero and not a villain.

    This episode also solved another dilemma for me from Image, in Superboy's lack of self respect from finding out about "Conner" in "Hello Megan". It seems he started giving M'gann the time of day when he found out about her rejections in their mind trip. Had he not gone through something similar with his rejections with Superman, he might not have noticed her.

    1. Could you please tell Zombie that he's a retarded man-cunt. ;)

  5. What did you think of Riddler in this episode?

    1. He was okay, I guess. Riddler has never been a favorite of mine either way.