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Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome to the Kree Empire

I feel a little out of my element with this episode. I'm a life long Marvel Comics fan, but I've never been too interested in the cosmic corner of their universe. I know who the Kree are, but I never read many stories with them. I've never read a comic with Ronan the Accuser in it. Or Captain Mar-Vell. But, I'm way out of my element with DC Comics entirely, and I review "Young Justice" so I won't take the easy way out and just say that I liked this episode.

A lot happened in this episode. We followed up on Kang's ship, the Damocles for starters. I was beginning to wonder if this advanced star ship from thousands of years in the future was going to be ignored or not. But, hey, S.W.O.R.D. made it into a base. Cool. Henry Gyrich, mostly of X-Men fame, makes his first appearance on the show... and he is exactly as you would expect him. Stiff, douchy, government operative. Gyrich is an asshole, and always has been. We are also introduced to Abigail Brand... a character I never heard of. I hope we get an explanation soon, because the fact that she has powers shouldn't be treated as familiar and ho-hum.

I think Ms. Marvel was the highlight of the episode. We've been waiting for Carol to make use of the powers she gained last season, and I wasn't disappointed. Part of me wishes they went with her more familiar costume, but I'm cool either way. Wasp aside, the Avengers were a huge sausage fest, and I'm glad they have another woman on the team. I'm hoping Black Widow officially joins some time this season too.

The Kree have come to Earth, and Ronan has come to judge whether we would be enslaved into their empire or killed. Of course, since Murphy's Law always applies in such things, he decides to smack humanity with his hammer so hard, you'd think Hank took Jan home to beat her senseless. I'm not familiar with the character, and was under the impression he was a cosmic power... so I was a bit surprised the episode ended with him imprisoned in their Negative Zone prison. Nice cameo from Kang there too.

I wish I could say I feel bad for Captain Mar-Vell, but I don't. Yeah, he was trying to help us... by assisting his people in a peaceful conquest of Earth. Pardon me, but how is that any different than what Kang was doing in season one? The only difference is that Kang was being a jerk about it. The end result would have been similar. In fact, I am reminded of "Transformers Armada" (which I stopped watching after three episodes) where Optimus Prime talked about how the Decepticons would make the minicons slaves, and the Autobots intended to use them as, exact quote: "workers, not slaves." At best, an Earth that was part of the Kree Empire would have resembled Vichy France. We're damned either way. And I for one was glad Ms. Marvel and Iron Man didn't go for it.

Of course, Captain Skrull threw a monkey wrench into any minuscule chance for peace talks. Not shocking. I wonder how long this charade will continue? I'm enjoying it, of course, but I miss the real Cap. I wonder if Skrully here attacking Ronan was the incident that Kang was referring to. Probably not, that would be too simple.

Fun episode, I liked it.


  1. I googled after I saw the episode. Turns out that Abigail Brand was created by the one and only Joss Whedon.

    Which explains why she's such a badass, but not where she got her powers.

    1. She's half alien from her father's side. While the exact species has not been revealed, her powers (energy coated hands, tongue that can shaped to communicate in alien languages) stem from her alien heritage.

  2. Speaking as someone who does consider themselves pretty up on the cosmic side of the MU, I had never heard of Abigail Brand either.

    For which I give props to the creators. It's rare that I find myself out-nerded like that,

  3. Despite her heavy ties to the cosmic corner of Marvel, Brand is surprisingly more intwined in the X-Men corner.

    Her powers come from being half-human, half-alien in the comics. Dunno if it'll get explained on the show, though.

  4. According to the wiki, her species on the alien side is a still a mystery. But her father was apparently green and furry.

  5. I'm surprised I'm the only one here to have read about Abigail Brand. She first appeared in Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men, where she was no-nonsense and badass, then had a great, but short lived, 5 issue SWORD series, here she was even more no-nonsense and badass. So this cartoon version was very true to the comic, except in the comic her pointing a gun at the computer would've worked. ;)

    I'm surprised they included her in this, and am more surprised they used SWORD and her alien buddy that she rescued, who was her right hand alien in the SWORD comics. I hope we see a lot more of them, though I doubt it.

    Ms Marvel was great, both the writing and Hale did her justice. I'm glad she's joined the team, it's been long overdue.

    At this point I'm just hoping the Cap incident Kang talks about isn't immensely stupid. Time Travel plots are difficult enough on there own but what they've set up requires a lot of delicacy in writing it. I don't have that much faith in the writers to pull t off without a few head scratching moments.