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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill

First of all, I must complain about the way this episode was aired. It was intended to air before "Who Do You Trust," and, frankly, with a hiatus coming, I think "Who Do You Trust" would have been a stronger cliffhanger. With that out of the way, on to the episode itself.

More Asgard is always good. I like Thor, I like Odin, I like Sif (much more than I'll ever like Jane Foster), and I like the Warriors Three. This episode introduces Beta Ray Bill, a character I've always had some mixed feelings about. He was introduced in Walt Simonson's run, and a weird alien horse-man being worthy of lifting Mjolnir never quite sat right with me. Of course, neither did introducing characters that weren't from the myths. Obviously I am not consistent with that attitude as I enjoy the Warriors Three, Amora, Skurge, Maleketh, and... gasp... the Avengers. But, I don't know. Something about Bill rubs me the wrong way. I've never been able to put my finger on what it is though.

We continue the plot line of Surtur's return, and he spends the entire episode at his forge, and I am reminded of Sauron if Sauron were a Balrog. I do enjoy how this plot line is shaping up, and judging by upcoming episode descriptions, it's going to get even better. Amora returns also as Surtur's Fire Stripperella. I actually felt bad for her, it's always a good sign when the writers can make you feel bad for someone as contemptible as Amora has repeatedly demonstrated herself to be.

Good episode, and we have two more coming this week... *shifty eyes* and I'll try to get them reviewed ASAP. By the way, does anyone wonder how much fun the voice actors had in the booth with the name 'Scuttlebutt'?


  1. Actually, this episode was never intended to air before "Who Do You Trust." Josh Fine said on ToonZone that while that episode was produced after this one, it was always meant to come before.

  2. I'm guessing Bill's appeal to many is exactly that. A being that is so ridiculous and corny, yet manages to be just as strong, heroic, and driven like many other heroes. Though his background in this episode reminded me of Captain America, actually.

    It is astounding how Disney XD's incompetence allows history to repeat itself once again. I no longer feel guilty about watching them early: the show is over already and it allows me to finally stop tuning in to Marvel's embarrassing programming block.

  3. I've actually been reading Walter Simonson's Thor run recently. I like Bill a lot but I can actually relate to your feelings about him.

    For the longest time, I felt much the same way about Thanos. Though I've recently started warming up to old purple-puss.

  4. This episode was also an awesome showcase for Thor's character as well. I don't think that it needs to be stated what Mjolnir means to him, and yet he was willing to give it up to someone who needed it.

    And now, he owes the Dwarf King a favor. I'm hoping that the Dwarf King collects sooner rather than later. (ie. before the end of the Yost/Fine era episodes)