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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Is it just me or is this the first episode of the entire series that Superboy doesn't appear in? "Beneath" was a rather small episode, especially when compared with the last four, but it served a purpose... it really helped us get to know Batgirl, Bumblebee, and especially Wonder Girl and Blue Beetle better. Wonder Girl might be the biggest power house on the team, but she is also the most naive and inexperienced. While she did come through, I wonder if a black ops team is really the best place for her to cut her teeth.

Psimon makes his return, as does Icicle Jr, Mammoth, Shimmer, and Devastation. Hmm, did they escape fro Belle Reve, or is The Light still in control of the prison? I suppose Hugo Strange could still be the warden as the Justice League had no actual proof that he is in the Light's pocket. Of course, Queen Bee also makes a return as the episode closes, but I won't fanboy about Marina Sirtis' voice this time.

In some ways, Maurice felt more monstrous than any supervillain. I guess it just hits closer to home because Maurice is something very real. When mundane evil and fantasy evil are both presented, at the same time, mundane evil always looks worse. Probably because, it being very real, we can more easily comprehend it. The guy is clearly abusive, and he's a pirate... arrrrrr! ;)

Ty reminded me of Apache Chief from "Superfriends," and I'm sure that was intentional. Is he superhuman? Who are the other teens that Queen Bee's men grabbed? Are they all superhuman? Would make why she bothered make more sense, as I'm sure if being a superhuman wasn't a requirement for whatever the "partner" needs, she could have easily grabbed some Bialyan children.

By the way, if you look at the map of Bialya, it looks as if during the five years, Bialya absorbed Qurac.

Good episode, next week's seems to be about the Flash legacy. I hope Wally and Artemis return again.


  1. Where is my giant invisible flying monkey brain that I was promised?

  2. Where are the Legend of Korra and EMH episode reviews?

    1. They're coming. Since there was no new Korra today and no new EMH tomorrow, and I have been busy, I figured I had some breathing room.

  3. It's possible Queen Bee actually has some Doom style warped sense of protectiveness towards Bialya and it's citizens. In which case, she'd probably prefer to use expendable dirty foreigners over her own subjects.