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Thursday, May 17, 2012

For America!

To quote Doug Walker, Okay people, here's the big test. Battleship comes out this weekend. You all know it's gonna suck, everybody who has seen it says it sucks, even the trailer has had audiences rolling in laughter for how much it's gonna suck. My friends, take it from the words of the great Jay Sherman:

It's already made $215,300,000 in the foreign market. This means it's official, if none of us Americans go to see it, foreigners can never look down on us as being lazy, uneducated dolts ever again. Stay away from the movie, do it for America!


  1. You should have added to either watch Avengers again, or save their money for Prometheus, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Brave, Amazing Spiderman, Dark Knight Rises,Bourne Legacy, or even GI Joe Retaliation.

    1. I can't when we have no idea how good those movies will be.

    2. Looks like there's hope for our country yet when it comes to the value of entertainment.

      Speaking of Avengers, have you seen it again?

  2. I never saw this movie. I watch Film Brain' Projector on this movie and he actually felt that despite what people said, a movie based on battleship did have some potential as a war movie like Crimson Tide or Hunt For Red October (I admit I've only seen the former), but it's clear the trailer that this stupid thing is just a knock-off of the live action transformers, and he comments that it doesn't even have the occasional "wow factor" that those movies did. Another strike against this movie is how unimaginative is with designs, the aliens that we know nothing about where armor that's clearly ripped from Halo.