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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How To Talk to a Dr. Doom Revisionist (If You Must)

Victor Von Doom is defined by two people: Cynthia von Doom and Reed Richards. His mother, Cynthia died when he was very young, and she represents his ideals of love and honor. Richards is the target of Doom’s jealousy, pettiness, and all the other traits that prevent Victor from reaching his true potential. And let’s look at what he is:

Myth: Dr. Doom is an ends justify the means heroic character.

Fact: Doom is a megalomaniac. A man with a serious superiority complex. He is the guy who knows he’s better then everyone else, will continuously remind you of it, and uses it as an excuse to do whatever the hell he wants. Why shouldn’t he take what you have? He’s better then you, he deserves it more!

Myth: Dr. Doom is a fair and just leader who is beloved by his people.

Fact: Doom is a dictator. This is something fans need to remember every time they talk about how nicely Doom takes care of the people of Latveria. Doom’s rule is one of absolute power with zero democracy. There is no Latverian congress, no Latverian senate, no Latverian premier. All power flows from Doom, and Doom alone. The most iconic example of this comes from the “Emperor Doom” story, in which Doom uses the Purple Man’s power to subjugate the entire world to his will, installing himself as absolute ruler of the world. Yes, his rule is benevolent and filled with admirable achievements… if one forgets that he has to rob all humanity of it’s free will to achieve this goal.

Myth: Dr. Doom has a sense of honor and nobility.

Fact: Doom’s sense of honor is medieval at best. He sees himself as a monarch, and tries to act as such. This is why he keeps his word, and protects his Latverian subjects as he does. Because that’s what’s expected of a monarch. One should not confuse this with actual honesty or compassion. He’s intelligent enough never to make a bargain that he can’t turn to his advantage, and his generosity comes at a serious price.

Myth: Reed Richards is a dick.

Fact: Umm… Okay, you got me there. But Victor is still an asshole.

Doom’s hatred of Reed Richards is an obsession he cannot overcome. And let’s face it, with his brilliance, he could do it a thousand different ways without being a villain. He could create a solution for global warming, a cure for cancer, desktop-available cold fusion for all, and get the world to hail him as a greater genius then Richards. But it’s not enough for him to just prove he’s smarter anymore. It’s not enough for him to just kill Richards anymore. He wants to BREAK Richards. He wants to make Reed’s world collapse into ashes, then rub Reed’s nose in it before finishing him off.

All of these are NOT the mark of a nice, stable and noble person. They’re the mark of an unstable, sociopathic man who plays by his own rules, and will have no qualms about killing you horribly if you stand in his way or just displease him. Therefore I accept the Victor who loves his mother as much as the Doom who HAAATES the BLASTED RICHARDS!


  1. Myth: Doom fears no one!

    Fact: Tee hee. Silly Victor.

    1. Oh, everyone fears Squirrel Girl. ;)

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    1. They're coming. I've just had a lot on my mind.

  3. "Myth: Dr. Doom is an ends justify the means heroic character."

    WTF!? Who comes up with this crap?