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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prisoner of War

This is it, finally, ten episodes into season two, we're finally seeing Captain America. The real Captain America and not this Skrulltimate impostor. It's been two months and he's been tortured in ways we can't possibly imagine all so the Skrulls can learn how to break us. But, this is Captain America, he does not break. That being said, Skrulls, you can break the average American by threatening to take away their high speed internet and fast food. Cap is a one in a million minority.

The co-star of this episode has to be Madame Viper, who we're really meeting for the first time... the one we've seen up until now has always been a Skrull, and she looks worse for wear. For appearing in only one episode so far, I felt that they gave her a lot of characterization. The scars on her face were how she learned to hate men like Cap say so much about her past while saying so little. On that note, I'm amazed they remembered the scars when Marvel forgot them over twenty years ago. But, it's not out of the question that the Madame Viper of the comics (first Madame HYDRA, then Viper and now back to Madame HYDRA... I think the name they chose for the show was a nice combination of both) had plastic surgery to remove them. Madame Viper has always been an interesting character in the comics, not to mention nucking futs, so I hope she stays around as a villain once this Secret Invasion arc is over.

Let's see, who else is a Skrull. Agent Quartermain of S.H.I.E.L.D., an A.I.M. scientist, Cobra, and Henry Gyrich. We already knew about Mockingbird and Invisible Woman. Quartermain is pretty high up in S.H.I.E.L.D., so one can only imagine the damage that Skrull is doing. Not sure why they grabbed Cobra as of yet. But the others I get.

We finally get some background on the Skrulls and why they are invading Earth. Same reason the comics gave, Galactus wiped out their world and a religious prophesy decreed Earth as their new one. You don't often see religious fanatics fighting a holy war in animation, and so far Yost and Fine are doing this story much better than Brian Michael Bendis did. Is Galactus' little cameo foreshadowing? Hmm.

I do admit to wondering where the Kree are in all of this. We seem to be getting a brilliant adaptation of "Secret Invasion" but I was expecting an adaptation of the Kree-Skrull War. Well, I'm sure we'll get our answers sooner rather than later, and with Australia's airing schedule, it'll definitely be sooner.

The ending of the episode was brilliant. This is who Cap is, a leader among people. He can unite enemies together to fight against a common foe, if not a greater good. I somehow doubt Madame Viper would ally with Cap to cure cancer... but to defeat and kill an enemy, yes... yes she would. But Cap also inspired Queen Veranke's new plan to subjugate the Earth. We'll see what happens.

You know Marvel Animation, I'm usually not in favor of piracy. But you're murdering this show. We already know it's not coming back, and the fact that you're putting it on hiatus in favor of Craptimate Douchebag-Man (which gets lower ratings than this) shows what little regard you have for this show. If you announced a third season tomorrow, I'd stop watching the Australian airings and wait patiently, but you guys at Marvel Animation have long since decided you didn't want me as a fan, and while I can only speak for myself, I know I am not alone here. I will finish this season, I will likely enjoy it, and then... until there is a regime change, or until you return to a style closer to this, we're parting ways.


  1. Mocking Bird/Bobbi's outfit intrigued me. Because it meant that she was taken AFTER she went from Clint and Natasha's pilot to Mocking Bird. That's a fairly narrow window.

    And...Now that we know Quartermain and Gyrich are ALSO Skrulls...Well...That's not good for Earth's defenses. Puts their previous appearances in this season in a new light.

    Also, Cap seeing right through the Skrullvengers coming to rescue him...Awesome. If this same scene happened in Craptimate Douchebag-Man, you KNOW that Skrull replacements for those four mockeries of their original comic book characters would fool Craptimate Douchbag-Man and he'd go right with them.

    1. Or it meant that she went down fighting. Viper's outfit was pretty torn up too.

    2. When Bobbi/Mockingbird was "switched" was already revealed. "WHO DO YOU TRUST" had Nick Fury theorize that when "Madame Hydra" captured and split up Bobbi and Clint (in "WIDOW'S STING"), she replaced one of them with a Skrull imposter. Fury's only error was that he had a 1:2 chance of guessing the right one, and he guessed wrong and suspected Hawkeye. Thus, Bobbi was captured after she'd become Mockingbird.

  2. Cobra seems to be the leader of the Serpent Society, so I'm guessing he was taken to give the Skrulls a supervillain team in their pocket.

  3. How is it you've seen TWO new episodes? Did they air in Australia first or something?

  4. "That being said, Skrulls, you can break the average American by threatening to take away their high speed internet and fast food."

    Which is a timely reference for me since my internet is down at my apartment and I have to settle for using my less than stellar internet on my phone. As for fast food? I'll just go to the grocery store. The grease is just going to slow me down @ Ultimate Summer League. I'd like to see the skrulls break me now. :p

  5. Holy Crap. "Infiltration," "Secret Invasion," "Along Came A Spider," AND "Behold... The Vision" all aired today! If you know where to look, you'll find them. Now if you'll excuse me... *runs off to watch them*