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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Before the final three minutes of this episode, this review was going to open up with these words: couldn't it have been anybody else?

I fell for it. I actually fell for it. For the entire episode, I was waiting for the teaser of doom to become reality. And then, when Aqualad showed up, I had an idea how it was going to go. I was reminded of the second season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" when Joss Whedon had Angel kill Jenny Calendar, just to hammer it into the audience that Angel wasn't pretending to be evil. I bought into it all. Hook, line, and sinker.

Then we got to the final three minutes of the episode. Artemis is alive, and Aqualad is under cover. Only Wally, Nightwing and Artemis are in on it. Finally, the Team pulled a Xanatos Gambit of their very own, and this one was on the Light. While the Light still got what they wanted, the communications satellite was destroyed, it was the Team who scored the Xanatos Gambit on them, right after we were told that Black Manta arranged for the satellite to be destroyed weeks ago, in case Aqualad failed. And considering how well the Light has mastered Xanatos Gambits throughout the entire series, that's what made this episode so satisfying... the Team, for once, beat them at their own game. And now, we're seeing the seeds being planted that might bloom with the defeat of the Light.

We also learned why Ms. Martian and Superboy broke up, and half of the story I figured out. He did not like how she was performing deep psychic scans on bad guys, leaving them catatonic. But the fact that she tried to do it to him was what pushed him away. To once again mention "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" it reminds me of when Tara dumped Willow... abusing magic and then erasing Tara's memory of the incident. I really hope these two do not get back together, they probably will, but I hope they don't.

Up until the final three minutes, I was ready to hate this episode. I was drafting this review in my head, and it was a very different review. Instead, we ended up with one of the most satisfying episodes of the series' entire run. Aqualad is still a hero, and Artemis is back in the game. And with Artemis back in the game, Wally won't be far behind.

Welcome back.


  1. Assuming that Wally and Artemis ever truly left to begin with. This episode makes me rethink the whole season.

    Best. Episode. Yet.

    (Of this season.)

    And yes...I fell for it too...Right up until we saw the inside of the wearhouse...And then...I just knew.

  2. The minute they showed Artemis dead in the beginning I knew things weren't what they seemed. I feel like if they were going to kill her off, they wouldn't have been blunt about it. I was also reminded of the Buffy when all that took place.

    Brunette Artemis. To paraphrase her boyfriend, still hot. Am I the only one who sees a sort of modern day Huntress in her future?

    ALOT of revelations in this episode, that last scene was quite the way to leave on hiatus. Now if only Wally would stop being stubborn and get back in the game, then were set.

  3. I bought it too. From the teaser I guessed they weren't going to kill her, you don't put something like that upfront. Then the rest of the episode happened and I turned into a believer. When the knife went in, my heart stopped. For 18 minutes Greg Weisman, Kevin Hopps, and Paul Giacoppo, made me forget about the rules of television.

    Though I was scratching my head when Nightwing performed CPR for a stab wound. I do give them credit for getting CPR mostly right since almost every time I see it being done in TV and movies it's performed wrong.

    I'm reminded of this: