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Friday, June 8, 2012


All right, so I went to the 7:10 showing of "Prometheus" today, and I have a few things to say. Not sure how much I want spoil, but it's actually a pretty predictable movie. I don't mean that as a put down, because as much as it was predictable, it was still very smart, very well done, and a terrific companion piece to "Alien."

It answers some questions, but really raises a lot more questions. And, honestly, that is what the best science fiction movies have done, and Hollywood hasn't given us anything like that in a very long time. If you like "2001: A Space Odyssey" or "Blade Runner" or films of that ilk, you'll like this. But if you like the Alien movies directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, I recommend you stay away from this one.

I've very seldom seen prequel movies that I liked. Sure, this movie leaves things unanswered but none of that is a plot hole. Unlike the "Star Wars" prequels, there is definitely craft displayed in this screenplay and how this story is constructed. I did not leave the theater unsatisfied. I know the reaction is mixed, but... like I said, we so seldom get science fiction movies that have a brain, I think many movie going audiences forgot what smart science fiction was like. I'm amazed Fox green lit this.

I thought Michael Fassbender turned in a terrific performance as the android, David. It's not a spoiler to call him that, they tell you right off the bat. He felt so mechanical and yet so human at the same time. I loved that his favorite movie was "Lawrence of Arabia" and how he seemed to study human behavior through that. Noomi Rapace was the best I've ever seen her as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. And Charlize Theron was really intense.

I liked it. It wasn't perfect, there were moments when some of the characters acted like complete imbeciles... I don't need to elaborate, you'll know them when you see them. But even in those moments, I never felt like the movie was talking down to me. "Alien" fans are going to debate this one for years, but I'm glad that this franchise finally has a third movie to be proud of.

I give it an A-. It wasn't perfect, but it was perfectly enjoyable.

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