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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Two For the Price of One - Infiltration & Secret Invasion

It has all built up to this, an adaptation of "Secret Invasion" that was much, much better than the original story. I don't mind reviewing these both at once, because they are, for all intents and purposes a two parter.

The Avengers have been scattered. Hulk is in lock-up, Black Panther returned to Wakanda, Ms. Marvel is on Damocles, Iron Man is trying to figure out how to detect Skrulls, Cap is on his way back to Earth in a stolen Skrull shuttle, and the world is a very uncertain place.

The first episode deals with a ship full of Skrulls impersonating the Avengers (as they were at the end of season one) landing in Wakanda and teaming up with Ms. Marvel to try to overthrow Black Panther and take Wakanda. They are defeated, and the Skrulls exposed. For once, Jan beats Hank senseless.

Elsewhere, Dr. Doom makes a surprising and welcome return when he blasts his way into Tony's Malibu mansion and shares his discovery on detecting Skrulls, completely unwilling to admit he needed Stark's tech, but only assisting because he feels the world is his to rule. His assistance only goes so far, since he feels he can leave the grunt work to the Avengers and other heroes. I LOVED THIS SCENE. Vintage Doom. So perfect, and Lex Lang continues to be a great actor for the character.

Queen Veranke takes out Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors and orders the invasion to begin in Washington D.C. And we head into the most exciting episode of the series to date. Maria Hill even gains some serious cool points when she totally plays the Skrulls on board the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, and reveals that she's known where Nick Fury was for over two months. Cool.

Skrulltimate Cap makes his speech to the world telling everyone to bow down to the Skrulls and then we get our big fight between the Avengers and the army of Super Skrulls. Cap, Madame Viper and the rest arrive, and Thor returns in a grand entrance that is nothing short of godly and sporting his modern chain mail.

The highlight for me had to be watching Cap beat the crap out of Skrulltimate Cap. I've always hated the fascist Sean Hannity wannabe that is Ultimate Captain America, so watching him get his ass handed to him by the real guy was very cathartic. The helicarrier goes down again, Damocles is destroyed, and the Skrulls are defeated and Queen Veranke is imprisoned.

Awesome. Loved every second of it.

But how did this end up destroying Kang's timeline? Or is there another piece of the puzzle we haven't gotten yet? Curious.


  1. Ultimate Cap ultimately DOES become a lot nicer after Peter dies (the realization that Pete was willing to put his life on the line to save him despite how cruel he was causes him to be consumed with guilt and he finally reflects and realizes "i'm an asshole." It's late in the game but he does finally become a decent guy even if it is at the end.