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Sunday, July 1, 2012


And so begins the eighth season of "Weeds" which began as the previous season ended. With a bang. I liked the premiere. A lot. There were a lot of laughs, and while I enjoyed the previous season, this episode was more laugh out loud funny than the previous season tended to be. Which takes talent since the episode was basically about Nancy Botwin getting shot at the head during a family dinner rushed to the hospital, and put into a coma. How do you make that funny? Jenji Kohan and her cohorts made it funny. Of course, as the above image demonstrates, you have to like dark comedy to really appreciate this show. Not everyone will find someone's niece taking a picture of her aunt on the ground after being shot and throwing it up on facebook (I'm not hot-linking it, you all know where it is) for all the world to see to be funny... but I'm not only evil, I'm also sick. So I laughed my ass off. Actually, I often use humor like this as a test to determine whether or not I can be friends with somebody. If you don't laugh at my "Schindler's List: The Video Game" joke, chances are we won't be friends... and no, I am not typing that joke here. You need to speak to me on skype or in person for that one.

Seeing how Nancy's shooting affected everyone, or how nonchalant a lot of them took it were the highlights. From Silas and Shane naming off everyone who Nancy pissed off since the show began (long list) to Doug copping a feel of coma Nancy and seeing what was under her hospital gown to Andy fucking Nancy's sister, Jill in the hospital room after playing with Jill's vagina weight (she gave birth to twins you see) to everybody stealing food and snacks from the gift basket of the man in the coma in the next hospital bed.

The episode didn't end with Nancy coming out of her coma, but since this is the final season this seems like a season of reflection and second chances. Andy was reflecting on his Jewish faith, and there was a fun discussion about how they're not kosher and how they can't bury Nancy next to her dead husband, Judah because he's in a Jewish cemetery and she never converted.

As for the identity of the shooter. For the last year, my family and I debated it. I was right. I'm not going to spoil it here for those of you inclined to check it out. But next week, all bets are off. I will be discussing this.

Great premiere. And the new intro rocked.

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