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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Demona: My Theory

Demona as Lady Macbeth by D.Taina.

Warning, this post is one of total fanboy self-indulgence.

So, anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of the character of Demona from "Gargoyles." I will say with a straight face that she is one of the greatest characters in the realm of fiction, and probably the greatest villain ever put to animation. I have given this character a lot of thought over the years, and have been refining my thoughts and predictions on where Greg Weisman plans to take her should he get another chance.

Here's what we know about her role in the proposed spin-off, "Gargoyles 2198."
DEMONA - For over a thousand years, Demona has plotted against humanity, blaming them for crimes against the gargoyle race. Now that a greater threat, the Space-Spawn, has reared it's many ugly heads, Demona has reluctantly joined Samson's resistance cell. But no one, including Demona herself, is fully confident that she'll continue to fight on the side of the angels. This may be her last chance at redemption... or her final opportunity to annihilate the human race. Still, Samson felt it necessary to actively recruit her. It's hard to pass up the help of a warrior who's survived a millennium's worth of battles, a sorceress who knows how to combine ancient magic with modern technology. And then there's that bit about her turning into a human during the day. The only question is how she will use her talents. For now, she's siding with the resistance. But can that last?
You can read the rest of it here.

Okay, D.Taina's artwork, based on Greg Weisman's Weird Macbeth idea (an idea I am longing to see animated) had me dig through the archives to find this little gem.

Anonymous writes...
Hi there. You recently said that Demona is in for a "true epiphany" eventually. What exactly does this mean? Will she realize her errors or go mad?
Greg responds...
Maybe a little of both.
In William Shakespeare's "Macbeth," after Lady Macbeth pushes her husband to murder Duncan in his sleep and take the throne, guilt begins to gnaw at her to the point that she goes mad. She sleepwalks, she is constantly washing blood off her hands that only she can see. Greg Weisman, and the show itself, often equated Demona to Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth, whom the real historical Lady Macbeth (Gruoch) was nothing like. Greg also said that Demona was destined for two more great loves. Let's combine this info, Greg's apparent love of symmetry in his storytelling with the 2198 blurb.

My thoughts have always been that the Space-Spawn would make Demona an offer, she would betray the Resistance, and this would lead to something far worse than the massacres of her clans. And in this moment, she would have her epiphany and finally do the right thing. Once the action calms down, I could easily see her retreating into guilt as all her sins have hit her and she faces what she's done. Demona has always had a guilt complex as big as Peter Parker's, but instead of internalizing it, like he does, she spreads it to everybody else. A fate very similar to Lady Macbeth's.

My theorized relationship between her and Macbeth* would come after (or during the latter part of) this, of course. But I suspect a ton of guilt, pain and a lot of mental and emotional healing will come with the package. This is two centuries away. Goliath is dead, Xanatos is dead, Angela is dead, etc. She has a lot to be guilty about as it is now, and I'm sure since she is her own worst enemy, until the moment comes she'll keep adding to it. Greg always said he believed in redemption, and as far as we know, she's destined for it. But it won't come easy. Nor should it come easy.

I still maintain hope that through new comics, or god willing a 90's nostalgia wave, we get "Gargoyles: 2198" and I finally see the end of my favorite character's story.

* Greg said that on his entire timeline, there is only one other human/gargoyle relationship besides Goliath and Elisa, but he won't reveal it. Well, now you know who I think it is. Oh, and this.


  1. Sound thoughts about Demona's future.

    Yet, while I can agree with most of it, I'm not completely convinced that she would react with an epiphany on such a tragedy, or the aspect of it. In the past she has always managed to avoid taking the guilt, there seems to be no reason why she wouldn't do so 200 years in the future, given she is essentially the same person.

    On the other hand of course there is the possibility that something in her has changed in the 200 or in the time in the resistance, allowing her to bear the truth since after all history isn't an endless repeat.

    No matter how it turns out in the end, I too hope to see it someday and knowing Weisman's work we hardly will be disappointed.

    1. People change, and we know such a moment will come that will affect her profoundly. She already carries a ton of guilt, she just spreads it instead of internalizes it. That's the problem.

      Plus, Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth had such an epiphany, and Demona was always their Shakespearean Lady Macbeth.