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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Ballad of Mike Murdock

When Daredevil became his own fake twin brother.

And so, it begins...

They can't seriously be buying this!

Oh. My. God.

.... maybe this is Mary Jane Watson's secret twin.

Dude. Why?

This is too hilarious for words.

And I spoke way too soon.

Deeper, and deeper, and deeper...

I am convinced this is something George Costanza would have dreamed up.

And yet it's working!!!

Oh god, no.

Obviously there's a lot you would never expect from him, Karen.

You're gonna owe Bullseye a huge favor after Kevin Smith is done writing you.

I, uh.... I've got nothing.

So, let me get this straight. Daredevil pretends to be an inept blind lawyer, who then pretends to be his own twin brother who is pretending to be Daredevil and then dresses up as Thor. Okay.


Dude, stop. Please.

Finally! Maybe "Mike" will be out of our misery!

No, no, no, no, no...

You're not making blonds look good, Karen!!!


Wait?! What?!

So, Daredevil knew what she would say and how to respond hours in advance? And how did his phone answer when it was off the hook?!

Did I mention how much I adore those shades?


All's well that ends well!

And he never dreamed you would one day sell him out for a hit.

And so ends the Ballad of Mike Murdock. To put this into perspective, Daredevil kept this charade going for seventeen issues. This was back in the days before decompresssion.


  1. What happened to the post about the Mormon church?

    1. Right now, all I'll say is that I decided it took this blog in a dark direction that I don't want it to go in.

      That's all I'll say right now. If ever.

    2. Fair enough. But thank you for the reminder that creepy stuff is actually happening there; it's good to be aware of possible injustice against women, LGBT people, ethnic minorities etc.

  2. I see one of those panels mentioned a Stilt-Man and Leapfrog team-up. I want to read that.

  3. I will be saddened if this iconic storyline is not adapted for the next Daredevil film.