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Monday, September 17, 2012

And Then There Were None

Last night, America said good-bye to the Botwins. But before I discuss my thoughts on the finale, and the season, let me talk about my personal history with this show. I didn't discover it until after the fifth season had finished. In fact, while I was still in film school, we were assigned to pitch ideas and one of mine was "an exposed on suburbia starring a hot, single mom who sells drugs to provide for her family." Then I was asked an obvious question: "you ever watched Weeds?" My answer was no. It wasn't until some time later that I did start watching it, and Jenji Kohan did far better with the concept than I could have.

The show had its ups and its downs, what show doesn't, but it never failed to entertain me. Most will say the first three seasons in Agrestic (later Majestic and now Regrestic) were the best seasons. I agree, but I also really enjoyed the three seasons where Nancy got in deep with the Mexican drug cartels, and while season seven was the weakest season (I felt they failed to make New York City a character), I still enjoyed it. Season eight was better... but you'll notice that after the premiere, I stopped reviewing it. I had planned to, but as the weeks passed, I decided to wait until the end. And now that the end has arrived, the most I can say about the ending is this: it felt right. It satisfied me. And please don't take that as a lukewarm reception, because it is not. I thought it was the perfect ending for these people. It didn't feel forced, or contrived. For a show with as many twists and turns and over the top moments as this one had, I can see how some might be disappointed, but I wasn't. Sometimes less is more... but I would hardly argue that this ending was less.

The final moments of the penultimate episode was a moment I dreaded, because I was afraid it would be hackneyed and contrived. It wasn't. If anything I thought it was a perfect moment that summed up the relationship between two of our leads perfectly. Those who watch the show know what I'm talking about. I am refraining from spoiling because I know of at least one person who reads my reviews, watches and enjoys the show, who is still behind. And then seeing where they went from there.

Did Nancy Botwin get a happy ending? I would say her ending was very bittersweet. Honestly, I cannot think of a more appropriate ending for her. She didn't go to prison (they already did that), they didn't kill her (she's already been shot in the head), but the ending she did get felt natural and poetic. Sometimes you don't need to do anything apocalyptic. Everyone else seemed to end up in the right places too. Some turned out better than others, but that's life.

It was an entertaining series, and I admit that I am going to miss it. I'm going to miss my favorite MILF of an anti-hero, or anti-villain depending on how you view her. Fare thee well. You were an interesting person to know, Nancy Botwin. Fare thee well.

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