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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Batman Returns Come To Life?

It has been pointed out to me that Mitt Romney has lost the election basically the same way the Penguin lost the election in Batman Returns.


  1. He already embarrassed himself a lot, just keep adding more. :)

    Note: I think Spongebob is smarter than Mitt Romney.

  2. ....I actually think Romney has a valid point here. There are alot of people who think that they ought to have things even when they're perfectly capable of working for them.

    The problem is that he was dumb enough to bring percentages into it, which you NEVER do. Once the "47%" accusation is thrown out, then it sounds like you're insulting half of the country, including people who actually just might NOT be able to work for those "entitlements".

    Obama's "the 99% vs. the 1%" was stupid enough. Now Romney's adding "the 47%". Great, just great.

  3. This is semi off topic Greg, but what your thoughts on Ron Paul? Personally I can't stand the guy, my only compliment to him is that he's the type of person this country needs, just not the right person in general, if that makes sense.

    1. I like Gary Johnson. I think Ron Paul is a racist nut.

    2. I think the only thing more annoying than the man him himself is all of his "Ron Paulogists".

      I have a cousin who defends every action of his with the usual rhetoric bullshit that his followers spew.
      "he didn't approve of that article."
      "Most geniuses are thought of as crazy."
      "He's right that we need to worry about this country more than all the other ones."

      Hell most of these people don't even KNOW about how he was once in the republican party but left after his campaign was a failure. The only reason he's getting this much attention now is because some people have grown more desperate. That and he spews buzzwords like "liberty", and "our founding fathers" like his life depends on it.

  4. Hahahahaha, that's a good one, I actually liked that better than the photoshop jokes presenting Obama as Iron Man or Bane.