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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best & Worst of Summer 2012

Okay, since the summer has come and gone, I think I'll list the best and worst of the this summer. For the best, this is much easier than I ever expected it to be.

The Best was easily "The Avengers." I honestly expected "The Dark Knight Rises" to put up more of a fight for this spot, and while I very much enjoyed it, this one is way too easy. "The Avengers" was the biggest gamble out of any movie this summer, and it was not only a remarkable achievement which will influence movies for many years to come, but it was also a great flick in and of itself. It also makes the best case that big, colorful, over-the-top blockbusters don't have to be completely stupid. So from now on, whenever anyone points and Michael Bay's cinematic abortions and then asks me if I want "Citizen Kane" when I point out how horrible they are, I can easily point at "Avengers" and say that's what I want.

The Worst was tough. I usually tend to go with the movie that pisses me off the most. In this case, it would be two movies I am glad I bootlegged off the internet to watch, because no way would I pay to see them or ask anyone to endure them. It's either "Savages" or "Ted" and I am torn on this. Both movies were horrible. "Savages" was Oliver Stone at his worst (and he can be really terrible), but I'd rather watch "Alexander" than this shit. It was like every single terrible independent 90's flick rolled into one. And as for "Ted" well, Seth McFarlane makes television for retarded frat boys, I suppose he may as well make movies for retarded frat boys. I am so glad I didn't see this in a theater because I would have felt like the smartest person in the room every single time the audience laughed. I don't know which of these two things made me angrier.

The marketing for both of these movies pissed me off too. Every time I saw "Savages" being promoted, the talent went on about how this is an important film, not something inane and pointless like comic book heroes. Well, anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy serious dramas and art house flicks. But I won't grade a movie on its subject manner, but how well it achieves what it sets out to do. "Savages" crashed and burned. But, ultimately, on the anger scale, I'm going to give it to "Ted" because... this shit was a fucking success. Seth McFarlane is the Michael Bay of animation, and now he's branching off. Sigh...

No, I did not see "Battleship" and I have no plans to.


  1. Yeah, this summer didn't produce any offensively god-awful movies like last year's. Granted, I didn't see "Battleship" and "Ted", and "GI Joe" was delayed to next year, but overall, most movies ranged from "forgettable" to "great".

    I'm also pretty glad that Whedon's second venture into film directing went extremely well financially as well as critically. Hopefully his future endeavors, "Avengers"-related or not, do as well.

  2. Out of curiosity, do you intend on seeing Dredd by any chance? It's been getting great reviews.

    Unfortunately Lionsgate has made it dead on arrival thanks to their inept marketing.