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Saturday, September 29, 2012


"Young Justice" returns, and on a pretty good episode. The fallout from Artemis' "death" is still being felt, and Roy Harper finally wakes up. Lex Luthor finally returns for the first time this season too, or the second time if you count his cameo during Black Manta's induction.

Roy, the original Roy (I refuse to say real since both are very real people by this point) wakes up and reacts about as well as one could expect. While his anger at Green Arrow was understandable, I felt his lack of anger at his clone was refreshing. How often do we see characters who get cloned hating their clone for reasons based less on logic and more on emotion? Nice to see that cliche sidestepped. Even nicer was that once he calmed down a little, his disdain for his mentor died down, at least a little. We'll see where they all go from here.

I am still enjoying this version of Lex Luthor, and after many years of disliking the character that is weird of me to say. Some might accuse me of feeling this way because he is written like David Xanatos from "Gargoyles," and after Lex's "vengeance is a sucker's game" quote, they might not be wrong. But I don't think that is the case. Sure, that line is there. And while they both share some traits, I do not see them as being all that similar. Xanatos is amoral, and I see Lex as much more immoral, for starters. I think all they have in common is that they see vengeance as petty and beneath them, and they both keep cool under pressure.... and high caliber gun fire. And both are extremely smart and manipulative. But smart and manipulative villains are a dime a dozen, and both are their own characters.

Original Roy is now Arsenal and has a new arm. Superboy needs to talk to this boy about accepting gifts from Lex Luthor. It doesn't turn out well.

The B-plot was the mourning of Artemis, and it looks like Superboy has found himself a new girlfriend. We'll see where this goes. But I really hope that Superboy and Miss Martian don't get back together. Something about that relationship never sat right with me, and while I tried to ease up on it when season one ended, learning the truth behind why he dumped her just cemented my earlier gut feeling. M'Gann is amoral. Period.

Poor Captain Cold, I knew he was going to have a bad time the moment I saw him, that was a fast surrender. And very nice to see Zatanna again.

Also very nice to get confirmation that Jason Todd existed in this universe. I figured that's what Dick's "don't die" line at the start of the season was referring to.

Finally, Jade wants to take out Aqualad and Sportsmaster, the principle thug and enforcer for the Light, wants to take out Black Manta. One of his bosses. This is it folks, mark it. Right here is where the thread that unravels the whole thing is about to be pulled. Sportsmaster might not be one of the Light, but he knows where many of the bodies are buried. All it takes is a spark, and I think this is the beginning of the end for the Light.

Good episode, looking forward to next week's.


  1. I think M'Gann might be amoral RIGHT NOW. But I'd go another direction and say she still has the maturity of a child. Think about it, all her life she's been using her powers to make her life easier, and that included living out her sitcom fantasy; Conner not giving a crap about being her plaything wasn't going to encourage healthier living, just the exact opposite IMO. It's coming to the point where she's either going to leave Aqualad a drooling mess, or Conner's going to turn her in, so to speak. But I think we all know which one is more likely at this point.

    Also original Roy is a dumbass for accepting a gift from the same man that put him on ice to begin with.
    Also why hasn't anyone asked the question of why original Roy was kept alive all this time, when that went against Cadmus cloning procedure yet?

    Poor Wally, you could tell how uncomfortable he looked having to go along with her mother thinking she's dead. It's not just her returning to action that he's upset about. It's also the fact that he has to carry on lying to people they both care about.

    1. Wormtail from Harry Potter could tell him something about the dangers of accepting new hands.

      I hope he hasn't gone over to the dark side.

  2. Poor Captain Cold, indeed. Maybe next time he should stick to antagonizing Flash....and travel in packs as well.

    Agreed on Conner getting over M'gann. It would be a huge step backwards, and I wish the mindless fangirls would take note on that. Having him be interested in Wendy was a nice solution too, since it would be kinda creepy if he dated Wonder Girl.

    While it was nice that the original Roy was not angry at Red Arrow and even eased up on Ollie....was I the only one unsettled by how calm he was at the end? If his bout as Arsenal is anything like in the comics, then things might get worse for the Arrow family.

  3. I was a little baffled at how one armed Roy was able to recover from jet/ice lag so quickly to the point of keeping up with/overpowering Mercy. Did I mention one-arm? Yeah, I think I forgot to. Then again, I would have wrote in ICE ICE BABY somewhere in that scene if it were up to me. ;)

    Where was Marvin? Wendy seems to be doing well though. Rocket was introduced in the very last two episodes of season 1, so I found myself completely disinterested in and indifferent to the fact that she was getting married to...someone. You know? Though I think the point of that scene was more to emphasize that everyone misses Artie. Poor Rocket.

    Anyway, nice way to get things back in gear. The new episode descriptions actually have me pretty excited. If things go smoothly, we might have a clear superior season on our hands.

  4. Hey Greg, did you watch the premiere of the new TMNT series?

    1. I did not, nor do I have any interest in it.

  5. How will Paula ever be able to speak to Wally again after Artemis's time in deep cover is over?

    1. I don't know? Maybe she might consider the fact that he was respecting Artemis's wishes by not telling anyone? Not that she'll accept that right away, but I think she'll eventually come to her senses on this. If anything, I think she'd have reason to be just as mad at Artemis, not just Wally.

      "I'm not happy about this." You think he was just talking about going back to the life? No it was also stuff like him having to cover for her, no matter how upset people might be with him/her.

  6. Good episode with a plot that has been used in media numerous times. In fact, I saw a similar plot where a heroic character seeks vengeance on a villain not once but twice in over a month before watching this episode. Once in Transformers Prime (which by the way is really good. It's a pity you wrote it off after three episodes, Greg) and then in the underrated Quantum of Solace. For once, I would like to see a hero not play the route of vengeance and be aware that he/she is better than that. After all, "revenge is a sucker's game".

    There were some gripes I had with it. I thought some of the subplot scenes kind of broke the story flow from the main plot. Those scenes could've been in later episodes.
    The fight scene in the end was kind of eh with both Alpha Roy (my nickname for the original Roy)and Mercy seemingly fall for explosions here and there. I know fight scenes don't really judge the quality of the show. But come on, I was getting bored of the fight scene. Also, I was thinking what was Alpha Roy thinking of accepting the suitcase. What a dummy. I would've liked if he at first had a moment of hesitation and then gave in to getting the robo-arm.

    I wonder what happens to both Roys now? Will both of them still help the League and the Team in stopping the invasion or will they just go their own ways. Will Beta Roy help Chesire avenging Artemis's death? Will Alpha Roy join the Team? We'll just have to see.

    1. "Those scenes could've been in later episodes."

      Wow, you speak with such certainty. Really? They could have? Without cutting out material that will be in later episodes?

      I forgot that on TV you have an unlimited amount of time to get everything in.

  7. Funny. I complain about how the Light only lose when the plot requires it, but I suppose some of me not seeing Sports Master as a threat to them, comes from well, that I think that they only lose when the plot requires it. Then again, he seems to by the guy they are counting to keep their underlings in line so they don't have repeat of Red Volcano nearly wiping out North America, so if he's not doing what he's supposed to, well...

  8. So here's an interesting thing. What I read is that Arsenal getting that robot arm is actually a nod to a period that people regard as a DorkAge with his character, since it had him degenerate from a single father to psychotic drug abusing 90s anti-hero. Kinda funny how stuff that sucked in the source can made into something good in the adaption.