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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Before anyone asks

Yes, I heard about DC Nation.

No, I will not write a rant about it.

I heard the news on a day that was already crappy for personal reasons.

But if you want my comment: This blows.

Afraid that's all you're getting. Yes, it does indeed blow.


  1. "Before the Dawn" is on ITunes and YT.
    Unfortunately, the Green Lantern "Steam Lantern" episode isn't.

    1. It technically is. But you have to manually find the show by going in a specific section. It's kind of a complicated process, but it's there.

  2. Thankfully because CN screwed up again and forgot to pull the iTunes release we have gotten the new ep of Young Justice.

    It's not much but at least it's the ep GW intended to go on hiatus with.

  3. Well, Cartoonnetwork is lame as the next episode of Young Justice was STILL released on I-Tunes and PSN. you can find it online.

    ... after seeing it.... fudge,.

  4. I actually managed to find the episodes of DC Nation through a semi-leak/Itunes situation.

    I have to say, The Light's partner is a massive bro. That's all I've got to say on that episode.

    In other news, I have been watching the TMNT reboot. I mean the 2012 show. I half-expected an Ultimate Travesty(SPider-Man) level of abomination and half-expected a passable show.

    What I got instead was a show that was quite a bit more endearing. There was genuine heart put into it and it isn't the nostalgia talking. There was quite a bit of detail put into the show and it used the "anime/japanese influence" correctly. The humor is actually funny and I found myself laughing more than I expected to. I had only two gripes with it. The gripes pertained to two rather decent re-imaginings of two classic characters. I won't say who, I'm no fan of spoilers.

    Wait a second...this is your blog. Sorry. :(

  5. How about some good news...Whoever failed to tell the schedulers about the lack of Young Justice this weekend...Also failed to tell iTunes. It's up there. And legally buyable.

    In fact, it's already the number one animation download in the U.S. of A.

  6. I loved how the episode at one point had the #5 spot in iTunes downloads.

    All of those ratings...lost.

  7. Wow at least 4 people came to tell you it was on iTunes.

    If I was capable of feeling anything right now I'd say my face was red.