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Saturday, October 6, 2012


"I always wanted, expected to-to grow up and become him. And the hero bit, I'm still all in. But that thing inside of him, that thing that drives him to sacrifice everything for the sake of his mission, that's not me. I don't want to be the Batman anymore."
- Richard Grayson, "Disordered"

I suppose the question is, have Dick Grayson, Kaldur, and Artemis Crock become what they fight against? Does doing what is necessary supersede doing what is right? I am reminded of Michael Corleone's quote: "it's dangerous to be an honest man."

The series has really grown up in its sophomore season. Things have gotten darker and a lot more serious, and it makes sense since our main cast have grown up. The world is no longer black and white, not that it was before, but "Darkness" really hammers that in. I don't know what was colder, Kaldur threatening to blow up Mount Justice, or him ordering Artemis to do it... and Artemis actually doing it. I know why they did it, and while some might say "it's just a mountain" it's still a cold act while fighting a war. Beast Boy was watching "Hello Megan" before Kaldur and his team invaded and those tapes have been incinerated. They were probably all Gar had left of his mom. But "Hello Megan" tapes aren't going to defeat the Light and stop the invasion now, are they?

As we go forward, not only is Nightwing becoming more like Batman than he wanted to, it seems like he and his "conspiracy" are becoming more like the Light than they would ever want to be. Four people, with a vision for victory, conspiring together, using everyone around them like pawns to achieve the greater good. They have become much like the Light. The key differences there are that Nightwing's team, let's call them "The Dark" for now wish to save the world from people who are clearly villains and an invasion. Of course, Vandal Savage seeks to save mankind from the League's coddling and speed up our evolution to become a galactic superpower. So both groups have their reasons and their excuses, and while we know how far Savage is willing to go to achieve his vision, what happens when "The Dark" need to make an even larger sacrifice in order to stop the invasion? I guess we'll soon see. My favorite scene had to be when Wally confronted Dick at the Hall of Justice and just about lost it with him. Is Wally right? Absolutely. What's right and what's necessary are clashing and I can't get enough of it.

The episode was excellent, as "Invasion" has consistently been. I've mentioned it before, but so far I've enjoyed the second season more than the first. I really like where this is going, and the season has managed to repeatedly surprise me. I realize this is darker than most animated superhero fare, but I enjoy this sort of thing. "Secrets and Lies" hasn't gone away, and more so than in season one, this really feels like black-ops.  Thank you for not playing it safe, I can't wait for next week.


  1. Brilliant episode! Some very intense stuff going on.

    The only complaint I had, and it's more of a nit-pick, was that it was implied that Jaime's parents did not know he was Blue Beetle. A bit disappointing, since his family knowing about his secret was one of the most interesting parts of his comic run before the reboot.

    Oh, and also a bit more nit-picking, the episode's title is "Darkest". Fits in to next's week's "Before the Dawn".

    1. Yeah, that was a typo. It's fixed now.

      Never read Blue Beetle comics, so no idea there.

    2. You could also read that scene as Jaime not wanting the entire neighbourhood to know he's a superhero. So he could've told his family.

      I guess we might find out in the next few issues of the comic.

  2. I didn't realize this until I read it somewhere else: Weisman blew up the clock tower, again.

  3. This might've been not only my favorite episode of the season, but possibly the entire series. And that ending scene between Wally and Dick was phenomenal. It reminded me of that scene in JLU's Doomsday Sanction where Batman chews Superman out for what he just did with Doomsday. I was so disappointed that scene didn't expand elsewhere on JLU. On this show, I'm 95% positive this is going somewhere.

    The fact that some people on toonzone have dismissed Wally's comments as "whining" make me want to roll my eyes, right off my face.

    It also shows that Failsafe became sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy for season 2. These same characters have found themselves facing similar problems.

    1. I just read that thread and it never ceases to amaze me just how clueless some people are about very basic human nature.

      Wally respects Artemis, but he also loves her. He's allowed to be... "concerned." Especially after what happened.

      This is a trend I've noticed for a long time, but some people out there seem to expect fictional characters to behave like cold, emotionless, logical robots. The trouble with those people is that we are not computers. Put any of them in that situation and they would shit themselves.

      Gods... some people need to get out there and interact with human beings. It's a big, interesting world out there.

  4. I love the idea that Kaldur might be a triple agent and playing Nightwing in order to get more power and revenge. It keeps the mystery alive from the early Invasion eps.

    Dick is becoming everything he hated, perhaps even worse. We don't know if this Batman would've gone this far since he's not the same manipulative ass from the comics (as far as we know). I get the feeling Dick will step down as Team leader and leave at the end of the season. We can already see it weighing heavily on him and I doubt things will be getting any easier for him.

  5. Instead of next week, now you'll have to wait until next January.