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Sunday, November 18, 2012


"I mean it's one thing to be in love with your brother, but its a whole other level to be in love with your brother who's a god damn serial killer. You're a serial killer and I'm more fucked up than you are."

I really have to admire the writers of this season for their balls. The development last season that Debra was in love with Dexter was pretty universally reviled, and I was and still in that camp. After the season started, that thread seemed to have vanished, and was never mentioned again. Tonight, it came roaring back in what I have to admit was a terrific, well-written, beautifully-acted and very well executed scene. Does that mean I am going to do a one-eighty and like this plot thread now? No. But, I am now willing to give it a chance, and see where they go with it, if they pull the trigger on it. They still haven't, and while I hope they don't, I'm willing to withhold judgement if they do end up pulling the trigger on it.

The return of Astor and Cody was a welcome and I hope they're around for the long haul. I think the series lost something by removing them. They, more so than Harrison, are a reminder of Rita, and they tie Dexter to a family life. Harrison still can't talk, and doesn't understand what's going on around him. He's a blank slate. Astor is a bright but troubled teenage girl, and Cody looks up to Dexter. I think the series benefits more from having them around than not.

Isaak Circo is a character I've been enjoying from the start, and while I wasn't surprised at his motivation and why he wanted to avenge Victor so badly, I was surprised when he and Dexter sat down for a heart-to-heart. It was another scene I enjoyed. Yes, Dexter has been "learning" from his enemies for a long time on this show, this is old news, but that doesn't make it any less compelling and fun to watch these two characters and these two actors connect.

For me, the jury is still out on Hannah McKay. I'm with Debra on this, I really think Dexter should kill her. She's a danger to him and his family. At the same time, I hope they don't have her go Lila on them, but I have enough trust in this team to assume they won't do that. Dexter has feelings for her, and we all know that this will turn out to be too good to be true and when push comes to shove, I believe he will always choose his sister.

One thing I have noticed when I peruse the forums, a lot of people are only interested in Dexter the killer. Watching him stalk, hunt, and kill. Like a cold-blooded machine. They don't like the "human" moments. I think those people are missing the point, this show has always been about Dexter struggling with who he is and what he feels he should be. I think the elements are mixing well this season, and I look forward to next week's episode.

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