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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let's Talk Dexter...

.... and by Dexter, I mean let's talk Debra. Sorry I've neglected this lately, life (and a hurricane) have kept me distracted. I know I haven't reviewed one since the second episode of the season, but I have been watching.

I've found Debra's character arc this season to be my favorite aspect. We've seen her go from rejecting her brother to understanding him, to asking more questions and being angry at hiding evidence from the police and we have finally arrived at a moment I should have expected, but didn't... at least not at this stage. Debra has authorized, or ordered depending on your point of view, Dexter to kill someone. Neat. We're more than half-way through the season and with LaGuerta confiding in Deb about her suspicions about the Bay Harbor Butcher, I do wonder where Deb's character arc in all this will end. From shock, to understanding, to ordering.... is Debra going to become a killer too? Will she violate the code and kill LaGuerta to protect Dexter? Will she kill a criminal? She's ordering the death of one already, hmmm....

Dexter, on the other hand, has more than his hands full. He's fucking, and maybe falling in love with, Hannah McKay... a serial murderer who has poisoned at least three people by this point, and Debra wants him to kill her. Personally, I think he should listen to his sister, but I enjoy Dex's human moments. We'll see how this ends, but I doubt it will be well. And Isaak Sirko is gunning for Dex... I think this is the first time where we've had a villain who's known who Dex was from the get-go and wanted him dead, we'll see where this goes.

Not my deepest analysis, but I just wanted to do a bit of catch-up now so I can resume my regular reviews next week.

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