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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Typical Episode of the 90s Spider-Man Cartoon - A Dramatic Reading

So, a few of us were dicking around on Skype last night, and this dramatic reading was the result, believe it or not, no alcohol was involved.


  1. This so corny and cheesy, yet entertaining at the same time. Awesome job you did there. My favourite parts were with Jameson, Morbius and Peter shouting MAAAAARRRRYYYYYYYYY JJJAAAAAAAAAAANNNEEEEEEEE. Flash's voice imitation was also funny.

    Too bad that the original script didn't made fun of these things from the show:

    1. Doctor Octopus being Kingpin's pathethic lackey and being pushed around by him. In one episode The Kingpin wants Doc Ock to help him with his schemes, Ock refuses and Kingpin drops him out of the airplane. Ock then accepts to work for Kingpin and that's it. Ock doesn't have any plans to sabotage Fisk, he doesn't have any hidden agenda, he just stands there and does everything what Kingpin tells him to do.

    2. Ock being defeated by some little girl.

    3. Anna Watson.

    4. The Spot and those annoying portals.

    5. Kingpin being behind almost everything in the show.

    6. Norman Osborn being a wimp and Kingpin's personal punching bag.

  2. Oh, the 90's Spider-Man Cartoon has alot more that could be covered. I'm thinking of doing an entry on it one of these days...