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Monday, February 4, 2013


Hmm, I don't know about this one. This episode was by no means bad, and it did advance the plot... but I can't help but feel that's all it did without any surprises or any real insight. We got to know some new characters, which is fine and necessary since they are obviously going to play a critical role down the line. Yes, that's a good word to describe this episode: necessary.

So Green Beetle turned out to be a villain, I cannot speak for anybody else but I saw that coming the moment he first appeared. I kind of wonder why they bothered to even keep it a secret from the audience. Blue Beetle now being under the control of the Reach wasn't a surprise, just a confirmation of what Green did to him last week. In an attempt to escape destiny, Blue created a self fulfilling prophesy. Of course, this pretty much means Blue is a mole on the Team, which is cool... no need to create another mystery about that after last season's.

Lex Luthor recruited the runaways to become agents of the Light, as he said he would do two weeks ago. No surprise there, although watching him play everybody was entertaining as always. Speaking of the runaways, they are intriguing characters, and I do like the new take on Ty's powers being a massive astral projection instead of physical growth.

Red Volcano's return annoyed me. He was pretty definitely destroyed in the first season. I know he's a robot, he can be rebuilt, but I guess I'm curious as to how, and why he is now an agent of the Light. Well, I guess they reprogrammed him, and I realize I am answering a lot of my own questions, but this aspect of the episode was unsatisfying.

I know it sounds like I was down on this episode, but I'm not. I liked it, I just thought it was the weakest episode of the season thus far. But this is a serialized show, and I know payoff is coming.


  1. As a character I love blue beetle. But in healthy doses. It does feel like its his show now and that worrys me. Greg W. Said that the following episodes will bring the focus back to the original six( my man superboy who, along with wally seems to have gotten the short end) and kind of book end the series. Hopefully. A foolish part of me still hopes for season 3. Yes I know its a foolish hope but...until greg himself says its dead its alive. Oh and fuck you you annoying orange.

  2. Can I just add one thing greg? You've said that artemis is your favorite character. Well superboy is mine mostly because in my eyes he is the best representation of a bastard in a cartoon recently. And I mean bastard in a literal sense and how conciously we all crave a father's approval. To me superman is just a symbol but superboy was a real person. Fast forward to Invasion and it seems like his whole ark is his relationship with ms.M. Ditto for wally. Sorry for the minny rant. Best to let our thoughts out while they're still relevant.

  3. I think the ep can be described as the first fight between the Reach and the Light. They're both seeking to control the teens and the Light's plan was to distract Blue Beetle with Red Volcano. The Beetle's were clearly not expecting the attack and I wonder if the Reach will question the Light over it. The news crews also got their surprisingly fast, almost like they were tipped off before hand.

    But yeah not a great episode, especially since these kids are not the focus of the show so it feels irrelevant to some fans, but it's more set up in the long run.

  4. The thing that got to me in this episode is Luthor's plan is so convoluted. He planned on Red Volcano fighting Blue Beetle, and he counted on the kids not getting killed by Red Volcano, which left a lot up to chance given that Blue Beetle was willing to let them die. Maybe they were just a plan B in case Red Volcano didn't get the pieces of Amazo.