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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Hunt

Another week, and we are no longer inching our way towards the finale, we are at a full gallop. The runaways are sent to the War World by Lex Luthor to free the Team from the Reach's clutches, while Arsenal does what he does best.

The Team scored a much needed victory this week when they freed themselves from the Reach's captivity, but once again that was a victory engineered by the Light. As Luthor's sending in the runaways was all a distraction for Deathstroke to boom box in and steal the key to the War World. Likewise, G. Gordon Godfrey exposed the Reach's fleet to the world at large as well as the ambassador's lies. What can I say? The Reach are having a really bad week.

One theory I have heard in the weeks leading up to this was that the Light and the Justice League would find themselves on the same side to drive the Reach off world, and they would "ally" against their common enemy. But, with the key now in the hands of the Light and the Reach having their terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week, I'm beginning to wonder if history has already been changed and something else is about to happen.

Nightwing already seems to be getting some crap on the internet for kicking Arsenal off the team. Yes, the guy saved their butts this time, but he is a loose cannon. A guy like that is way too difficult to work with for a covert ops team. I'm not saying Arsenal doesn't have his uses, and I understand his trauma, but the guy needs to get a grip on his personal demons. He is not a team player. You can't really rely on him. I'm sure we'll see him again before the season is out, but for now, the guy has to work out his own issues.

I was glad to see the runaways recognize that they've been used by Luthor and decide to ditch him as well. Is this their send off for the season? Time will tell. I think it's fairly clear at this point that had "Young Justice" been renewed for a third season, they would have been part of the team after the next time skip. Will they show up one last time? We'll see.

Great episode. The Reach have been discredited and are on the ropes; the team is back together; Kaldur and Artemis' mission is back on track; and the Light possess the key to one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. The stage is set for Invasion to reach its end game. But can the team end this invasion without a visit from their ultimate enemy, the unexpected hiatus?

And what about Wally West? Will he ever don the tights again? Will Dread and Nygma stop arguing about him on Superhero Hype? Will the author of this review stop talking about how awesome Demona was? The answer to those last two is.... no! ;)


  1. Alright free plug, I'm famous! :D

    For the most part I'm confident he'll appear again, BUT I have reservations on whether his absence was an absolute necessity, and so far there hasn't been a good reason for this to happen, especially since he could've easily been justified to appear in The Runaways since THAT was an emergency just like in Bloodlines. I guess my grievance with it isn't so much the lack of him appearing, as it is not knowing the rationale behind this. I guess time will tell.

    BTW I don't think people were upset with Nightwing so much for him chewing out Arsenal and kicking him out, as they were for him doing it in front of the team.

  2. I thinks it's obvious why Wally has barely been in this season. Since his voice actor Jason Spisak is way too busy with GL:TAS(he has a main role in that show. Therefore, he's been reduced to guest voice for this show. Not every voice actor is like KMR that can be in 20 shows at once.*

    I just found out that Jason Spisak was the voice of the human from TF: RID. Crazy.

    *-I think KMR clones himself to make sure he voices all the roles he's been casted for.

    1. Sorry, that's not how the voice industry works. Especially since one episode is recorded a week in four hour sessions.

      If Wally isn't present as much, it's not because of his voice actor. It's for story reasons.

  3. This episode's events have me curious if Godfrey really is just an obnoxious pundit, or if he's going to turn out to be a servant of Darkseid like in the comics.

  4. I have to agree with the comment on TV Tropes' Headscratchers page for Young Justice that asks why they didn't put Arsenal through counseling before letting him on the Team.

    1. Who says they didn't? Sometimes counseling works, sometimes it doesn't.

    2. Given we've seen the Team and others get counselling before I think it's safe to say they gave it to the Roy who woke up after 8 years missing an arm and immediately went to try and blow Lex Luthor up.

      Counselling isn't a magic pill that makes him all better. Given what he went through he was probably still going to counselling sessions before War World happened.

    3. I wouldn't have let him on the Team yet. He had loose cannon written all over him ever since becoming Arsenal. Of course, there's always the 'wanting to keep an eye on him' justification.

  5. "But can the team end this invasion without a visit from their ultimate enemy, the unexpected hiatus?
    And what about Wally West? Will he ever don the tights again? Will Dread and Nygma stop arguing about him on Superhero Hype? Will the author of this review stop talking about how awesome Demona was? The answer to those last two is.... no! ;)"
    So it seems like with JL, GGG isn't evil like in the comics, but at least here he's shown that he's not just here so that the viewers can hate him.
    And I can definitely say while the show through out some twists, the idea that Blue Beetle turning evil ends up helping the team is one I could never expected in a million years.
    I'm with Robin on kicking off Arsenal. He saved the team here, and nearly got them killed twice, and the first time was just because he wanted to blow stuff up.
    So, my guess is that The Light helps defeat The Reach, and Luthor has some scheme set up to make sure everyone, minus the Justice League and the team, believes that The Reach lied to him, and The Light will probably win out and the heroes will settle for that, for the moment, see The Light is definitely the lesser of two evils. Actually, since people on Earth might start having some trust issues with The Reach, that might mean they decide that they don't want them on Earth and we can have a huge battle with the Green Lantern Corp and what's left of The Reach's fleet.

    1. Of course, it's possible that Godfrey *is* from Apokolips and his turning on the Reach now is part of the Light's plan. We know they've partnered with Apokolips.

    2. Okay, but that makes this plan start to get into the confusing territory. Also, something I'd like to see is how is The Reach is going to be prevented. At the moment, Impulse doesn't seem to have done anything big, unless it turn out that is an odd twist of events, he did prevent it because The Light having the crystal to War World means that The Reach can't use it.