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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


When last we left the Reach, they were having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week! This week, despite Black Beetle and Green Beetle getting Mongul back into containment, their bad luck continues, and it is glorious to watch. Ever since the Reach arrived, their ambassador has been the most pompous, smarmy asshole to have appeared on the entire series, so it is very nice to watch him get taken down a peg or fifty. It's even worth noting that his own underlings don't to highly of him. Black Beetle talked trash of him behind his back, and the Scientist berated him for his own failure. Although it was fun to watch his exasperated "SAY. ONE. MORE. WORD."

So Blue Beetle and Green Beetle are now free of the Reach's control, and I loved the way that Blue's scarab kept trying to subtly help the team. "Cooperative technology works by absorbing kinetic energy, it should KNOW that." And, not surprising, I think Jamie has finally come to terms with it, and maybe they will finally be a real team.

It was also nice to see characters in action whom we don't see too often. Batgirl is someone we haven't seen much of since the season started, and after becoming a favorite of mine last season, I missed Zatanna when she graduated up to the Justice League (especially with her wardrobe change). So watching them, along with Beast Boy, and Robin take out Queen Bee's henchmen, was a treat.

M'Gann finally let La'Gann down, and gently. Well, these things are hardly ever gentle. But I have to say I am not rooting for her and Superboy to get back together. I think the best thing either of them can do is grow on their own instead of fallback on their co-dependency. I'll save my thoughts on them as a couple for my review of the finale if they do get back together, though. I've spoken about it in previous reviews already.

And once again, the Light were pulling the strings. I know this is getting tiresome to some people, but I'm not one of them. They've been building up to something for a while and it looks like it's about to hit the fan over the next two episodes. These are seven of DC's most sinister masterminds, of course Nightwing's biggest flaw as a leader is his inability to outwit a fifty-thousand year old strategist and his friends on his first try. Maybe it's the fact that there are only two episodes left, maybe it was Marina Sirtis' delivery of Queen Bee's lines, but things sound even more ominous than they usually do in these Light tags. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode, "Summit," which looks like it'll kick all kinds of ass.


  1. Man first the public Backlash against The Reach, THEN he loses Blue AND Green Bettle. Looks like the Reach Ambassador picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

    Before I get started, I hope the man who wrote this script (Peter David), is doing much better since his stroke late last year. He turned in what is perhaps his strongest script to date, not an easy feat when it stands next to Secrets AND Insecurity, (and I might end up loving Bloodlines depending on perspective).

    I thought this episode was absolute PAYOFF on Blue Beetle. There were many things that made this possible:

    But the main three were Impulse telling Jamie about the future AND him telling the team and League.
    Batgirl's pictures that she gave to Nightwing, back from Beneath.
    AND Zatanna learning spells from Dr. Fate. For 2 months she endured working with the being who took her father from her, but is still her father.

    I'm guessing once they failed back in True Colors to get the Scarab off Jamie, Dick and The League looked into other methods to make it work. THIS is the kind of setup and payoff that I love about Greg Weisman's work. Much like The Puck mystery (Gargoyles), the Green Goblin mystery (Spectacular Spider-Man), and even the Mole Mystery (this show) all the clues were planted before they were paid off, the clues were just put in there in very subtle fashion. But it was never a cheat from a writing standpoint here or there. I also LOVED how they worked Dan Garrett into Blue Beetles Legacy.

    It's also ALWAYS lovely to hear Lacey Chabert as Zatanna.

    Jamie, I to am surprised Bart was able to keep his mouth shut.

    Also seeing how everything came together like this. I have some renewed faith that Greg has specific plans for Wally. And even IF I'm wrong on that, if I enjoyed the appetizer THIS MUCH I'm sure I'm going to LOVE THE MAIN COURSE.

    But this was the plan to help The Light all along. Next week, it all starts coming into place. It can't get here fast enough.

  2. I think the problem with the Light is that people are interpreting the endings as them saying "Just as planned" and see it as the Light as something that never fails. Which isn't the case. The Team has defeated them and their plans plenty of times, it's just they have back-ups, alternate plans, and when something gets in their way they don't scream "curse you Young Justice!" but take their loses and think of a way around it. Add to that the fact that Nightwing has managed to get two operatives into the heart of the Light I'd say the heroes are doing a lot more harm to the Light than the fans think.

    This season we haven't heard that much from them because everything seems to be mostly going according to plan. There doesn't seem to be as many bumps in the road for them as there was in season 1, though given how Impulse's timeline turned out they did manage to screw the pooch. I can’t wait to see what their plan was for this invasion.