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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Love For Bruno

So, a while back I wrote up my "Top Twenty Gargoyles Universe Villains" and decided to post it to ASK GREG, where I was promptly asked about my lack of love for Bruno. So, you asked for it, Greg. A tribute to Bruno. In song form!

Now, Bruno is his name.
Shootin' gargoyles is his game.
Nessie, you dope!
Escape his hole,
and watch Sevarius go insane!

If a small gun can't perform.
Goliath's too true to form.
With a cliffhanger ending at his side,
His gun will increase in size!

He's through with takin' falls!
Mutates busting through the walls!
His comrades drown in the loch!
Then Angela kicks him in the crotch!


  1. I feel like singing it to the Lone Ranger theme.

    1. Really? I'm pretty sure it's the song from the end of Roger Rabbit.

      It's a lot of fun for a gag song, but the rhyme scheme is a little off.

  2. He's okay, I suppose. Though how would you say he is compared to Bob (from the 1989 Batman film)?

    Off-topic and you might be aware of it, but I stumbled onto a site collecting Siskel & Ebert episodes since the official site went offline:

    Whether I agree with their reviews or not, I have gotten into watching them since the Nostalgia Critic did that tribute. And the site in question makes viewing the reviews much more enjoyable (being that they try to go for uploading the full half-hour episodes rather than splitting them up).

    1. **He's okay, I suppose. Though how would you say he is compared to Bob (from the 1989 Batman film)?**

      This was satire. I don't really care.

    2. Why do you think I compared him to Bob of all people?