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Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Pitch to Warner Bros Animation and Cartoon Network

Okay, Warner Bros Animation... "Young Justice" and "Green Lantern" just ended. I know you've got a new Teen Titans and new Batman show starting, but how about you dig into the DC library for a character who has never shined in animation. I've got a pitch for you He first appeared in the critically acclaimed "Sandman" and his own book ran for seventy-five issues, one miniseries, and one one-shot.... and one Eisners. He is multiversal, so every single corner of your universe can be explored. "Lucifer the Animated Series"!

A little unorthodox, I know. But imagine the possibilities! Visiting Heaven, visiting Hell, visiting every realm in between! Angels, demons, pagan gods, even superheroes! Do kids love Batman? He can appear and engage in a battle of wits with out intrepid hero!

Kids love teenagers, right? Why do you ask? Because they can all relate to the rebellious coming of age story! Who better to star in a story like that than a protagonist who has spent the past twenty billion years acting out against his distant father figure?

But that's not all, we also get his "friend" Mazikeen for some sex appeal for the older audience; plus his schoolgirl devotee and niece, Elaine Belloc to appeal to the younger demographic. Kids and their parents. The parents buy themselves the "Lucifer t-shirt" while the kid picks up the lunchbox!

Guest stars can include Superman, Batman, Death of the Endless, Darkseid, and Vandal Savage! And don't forget the rotting soul of Wally West when we visit Hell! It's still more than DC Comics are giving Wally these days ;)

Give me twenty-six episodes per seasons, I'll even plot out a two season arc and not three, because I know the bean counters at Cartoon Network don't like third seasons all that much. Green light me now so we can replace "Teen Titans Go" when that show runs its course.

The kids will love it! And remember, there is no such thing as bad publicity!


  1. Interesting idea, even though I don't really know anything about this character, but like I said I'm interested in this.

    Speaking of DC Nation, what's your opinion on upcoming Beware The Batman series, Greg? Since you are a Batman fan I wonder how you feel about upcoming show, what are your hopes and expectations? What do you think about the villains, who will be featured in that show? I heard that one of those villains is incredibly frightening and disgusting in the comic books and I heard some fans saying he makes The Joker look soft by comparison.

    1. It's a Vertigo comic. The trades might be a little hard to find now, but they're out there.

      As for "Beware the Batman." I love Batman, but I am over-saturated with him. So my interest is non-existent.

  2. They should just have the show take place in the year 2056 on Earth-16 since it looks like hell there anyways.