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Friday, March 29, 2013


So, I made the mistake of revisiting the 90's X-Men cartoon on Netflix. Good lord, I want to know what kind of direction the actors received in the booth, because everybody SCREAMS ALL THEIR LINES! Geez.... you could replace Storm with Dr. Orpheus from "The Venture Bros" and not notice a single difference in the performances.


  1. lol Yeah it was good 'compliment' to Spider-Man TAS' acting.


  2. And yet that series still has a big fan following along with Batman and Gargoyles. Go figure.

    Granted, much like Spider-Man, SOME voices were good (Carl Dodd's Wolverine, George Burza's Beast, and Chris Britton's Sinister come to mind) but most of them sucked. Especially Xavier and Cyclops. Yeesh.

  3. The episode where the team fights graydon creed was pretty good (especially when he breaks down and tries to shoot a hologram of sabertooth while shouting NOT YOU I'M NORMALLL!!!!!") I really don't want to imagine just how awful his childhood was to provoke THAT reaction