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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Favorite Creators?

I was recently asked who my all time favorite writers were. But I decided to expand upon that to favorite creators, because not all film directors write their scripts. This might be brought, but my favorite creators of material, so to speak. So, in alphabetical order by last name, here we go.

Woody Allen
Paul Thomas Anderson
Wes Anderson
Issac Assimov
Ingmar Bergman
Alfred Bester
Kenneth Branagh
Alan Burnett
Jim Butcher
Mike Carey
George Carlin
David Chase
Geoffrey Chaucer
Stephen Colbert
Francis Ford Coppola
Charles Dickens
Walt Disney
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Ben Edlund
Harlan Ellison
William Faulkner
David Fincher
Neil Gaiman
Ernest Hemingway
Alfred Hitchcock
Elia Kazan
Franz Kafka
Jack Kirby
Stanley Kubrick
Stan Lee
H.P. Lovecraft
John Milton
Alan Moore
Christopher Nolan
George Orwell
Trey Parker
Edgar Allen Poe
Martin Scorsese
Ridley Scott
William Shakespeare
George Bernard Shaw
Matt Stone
Jon Stewart
J. Michael Straczynski
Quentin Tarantino
Julie Taymor
Bruce Timm
Christopher Titus
J.R.R. Tolkien
Leo Tolstoy
Francois Truffaut
Mark Twain
Shinichiro Watanabe
Greg Weisman
Orson Welles
Joss Whedon
Tennessee Williams

This is, by no means comprehensive, but these are who came to mind.


  1. Admirable picks there. Except I do not like Ingmar Bergman at all. Sure putting a depressed, almost nihlistic Nazi sympathizer up there isn't as bad as if you'd put the also brilliant but heinous Roman Polanski up there, but he still wouldn't be on my list.

    And hey, Harlan Ellison. I can't quite get him out of my mind after last week when he had a part (literally, as himself) in setting up the ending to what is now one of my favorite animated series.

    1. I actually love Polanski's work... but, for obvious reasons, I could not put him on this list.

      What did Harlan do?

  2. ^ That's why I said he was brilliant but heinous. He was a gifted man with great potential, but he wasted all that by deciding to be scum. And to be fair to Bergman, he at least realized how effed up he'd been some time before he died.

    To say what Harlan did would be spoiling the ending, but he voiced himself in "Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated." It's a show I'd actually recommend checking out once the last DVD gets released. And I'm dead serious there: one must NOT be put off because it's Scooby freaking Doo. It goes beyond what anyone could have ever possibly thought would come out of such a franchise. Just check out the general reception to it ("THIS is a Scooby Doo show?" is practically a viewer catchphrase). And the fact that Harlan Ellison was actually in it, as himself! ;D

  3. Pretty good list. I know I would have:

    Paul Dini (I appreciate you gave credit where it was due to Alan Burnett)

    Jack Kirby

    HP Lovecraft

    George Lucas

    (Just kidding about that last one)

    1. Like I said, no means comprehensive.

      Kirby belongs on here, gonna edit him in. As does Lovecraft.

      As for Dini, I need to see him as a creator and not just a writer working for a creator before I can evaluate him as one.

    2. Lucas is more of a broad picture guy. He can map out a setting in base strokes but actually writing the nitty gritty details is something he is not good at. Empire Strikes Back's first version was written by Lucas, but Lucas himself admitted it was a train wreck and allowed KAsden to write it. Return of the Jedi, from what I gather, suffered a lot because he wanted to rap up the trilogy immediately (he had gone through a messy divorce, and working on Empire was apparently a nightmare). As such, he took things from episodes 7-9 and incorporated them. Hence the mess.

  4. Nice list. I have one too many to count but I'll say the following five gets my respect.

    Woody Allen
    Wes Craven
    Chiaki J. Konanka
    Bryan Fuller
    Steven Moffat

  5. Guillermo del toro. The man is gifted. Pans labrynth and the devils backbone and kronos are all hauntingly beautiful films. The hellboy and blade movies were good to. Highly recommend them.

  6. Also George R.R. Martin, writer of the "A Song Of Ice and Fire" series ("Game Of Thrones"). At least the old George R.R. Martin. Before he got sloppy. -_-