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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to the Well...

So, Warner Bros announced that their "sequel" to "Man of Steel" is going to be a Batman/Superman movie. Okay. I have not seen a more blatant move that reeks of desperation in a long time. I'm not going to say that "Man of Steel" underperformed since it made Warner Bros a modest profit. But it wasn't the smash hit that WB was hoping for. The second and third weeks, it took a huge box office drop. So, WB went back to the well they know they can count on, the Bat.

Am I opposed to a Batman/Superman movie? No. But if "Man of Steel" had made a billion dollars, I guarantee you that we would have seen a solo Superman sequel that would set things up like Clark Kent's role in Metropolis, Lex Luthor, etc. While we might still see those things, that focus is going to be diverted to reintroducing Batman into this universe. Do the team-up later.

Basically, Warner Bros doesn't believe they can do well with superhero movies that don't have Batman in them. "How do we sell Wonder Woman? Toss in Batman!" "We need to get the public to like Green Lantern, hey, let's throw in Batman!" "How do we adapt Sandman to the big screen? I know, Batman!" This is sad. Not to mention the fact that I think they're going to be over-saturating the Batman brand in the process.

I have no hopes for this thing, sorry.

"The Avengers: Age of Ultron" sounds cool, though.


  1. A Superman/Batman movie might have been a good idea if "Man of Steel" was a decent movie. Really depressing that they're sticking with Snyder and Goyer. Also, yes, the Bat-saturation is beyond annoying. "Beware the Batman" turned out to be good, but I would have greatly preferred a Wonder Woman or a Flash series, or you know, more Young Justice. The saturation of Batman DTVs for next year doesn't help.

    I have my worries for the Avengers sequel (Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch without Magneto, no Hank Pym), but Marvel has been doing a better job handling their films, and I trust Joss Whedon will dispel my concerns.

  2. You'd think they'd just let Batman go after "The Dark Knight Rises", but no, they keep on whoring him out. I didn't think they could make the "Man Of Steel" continuity worse, but they just went there. Geez.

    BTW, you read my entry about our favorite "Legend Of Korra" characters? ^^

  3. This might shock you but my thoughts exactly. It just comes across as a total desperation move. I will give it some credit if Benedict Cumberbatch plays Batman this time but otherwise, WB and DC clearly don't have any faith in Wonder Woman or anyone else. And while I agree The Avengers: Age of Ultron sounds cool but in terms of films for 2014, here's my top 3:
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Veronica Mars

    Especially Godzilla because I've been tracking that movie since late 2009. Do you have any idea how exciting that one is? Gareth Edwards is a guy who knows what he's talking about.

  4. My greatest fear with other superheroes have to share a film with Batman is the story degrading them to make Batman look better. Anybody whose seen Atop The Fourth Wall has come across this in reviews of Frank Millar's bad fanfiction and Batman: Act of God Staring Batman. Aside from that, I read on tvtropes about some other stupid story with him beating the Justice League singlehandedly, doing stuff like taking the Flash down with a battering and defeating Wonder Woman hand to hand, and no, I did not make that stuff up.