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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gargoyles - Season Two, Volume Two

The ancient struggle between heroes and villains continues among the skyscrapers and bridges of a modern metropolis as GARGOYLES returns for a second season. It's an adventure one thousand years in the making!  
Goliath, Hudson, Broadway and Brooklyn are back from their stone-cold sleep and ready to save humanity from evil gargoyle clans, banshees and legendary monsters. But will Demona's diabolical plan to exterminate mankind prove to be the Gargoyles' final reckoning? Prepare for thrills and chills in this collectible 3-disc DVD set of GARGOYLES Season 2 Volume 2.

Yesterday, I finally received my copy of the long awaited "Gargoyles - Season Two, Volume Two." It's been nearly eight years since "Season One, Volume One" was released and nearly nine since "The Complete First Season" hit the shelves. But, after almost a decade of waiting, I finally have the complete run of "Gargoyles".

How does this release step up? Well, considering the long wait, I am deliriously happy to have it. But, on top of that, these are the uncut and uncensored versions of the episodes that have not been seen since 1997. When Gargoyles was aired in re-runs on the USA Network, they were chopped up... and when they moved to Toon Disney (now, Disney XD) they were chopped up even more. The action was toned down, some dialogue was removed; the series really suffered for it. My VHS recordings deteriorated over the years, and I haven't even owned a VCR in seven years... so it has been a long time since I've been able to see these episodes in their original format; and for that I can forgive anything.

There are no extras to speak of. No behind the scenes documentaries, no audio commentaries, nothing. This is a very bare-bones release. But, unlike the previous two DVD's, you have the option of skipping the introduction and even the "Previously on Gargoyles..." segment.  The episode selection menus look like the ones in "Season Two, Volume One" so they match up. Even the main menu matches up, despite having no animation to it this time.

The video and audio quality is great, I think it looks and sounds better than the previous releases, even. Very sharp.

The only real downside is that acquiring this DVD isn't all that simple. It has been officially released in only two venues. As a Disney Movie Club exclusive, and it pops up on the Buena Vista Catalogue Company's ebay store, although it is presently sold out there. The latter is an easy option, so keep an eye on it because it should be re-stocked soon. I suppose keeping this DVD in the vault for eight years was a great way to drive up demand, it's been a Disney Movie Club best seller since week one.

Is it perfect? No. Would special features have been nice? Of course. But that's always been gravy, the real meat is the episodes themselves, and we finally have them in an official commercial release. Stay away from bootlegs and torrents, because you are not getting the complete series, those are Toon Disney recordings. If you are a "Gargoyles" fan, you owe it to yourself to get this DVD. I had to jump through several hoops, but it was worth it. My favorite series now sits on my shelf.


  1. On each DVD and book, who are all the autographs? I can make out GW (Greg Weisman) easily enough. Quite a collection.

    1. Season One: Greg Weisman, although Marina Sirtis has since signed it for me.

      Season Two, Volume One: Greg Weisman and Marina Sirtis

      Season Two, Volume Two: I have since gotten Marina to sign it.

      Clan Building Volume One: Thom Adcox, Greg Weisman, Greg Guler, and Karine Charlebois.

      Clan Building Volume Two: Marina Sirtis, Thom Adcox, Greg Weisman, David Hutchinson, Greg Guler, and Robby Bevard

      Gargoyles Bad Guys: Greg Weisman, Karine Charlebois, Greg Guler, Christopher Jones, and Robby Bevard