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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shows I Want To Like Vol. 1

I was really looking forward to "Agents of SHIELD" and while I enjoyed the pilot; and even the second episode to a certain extent, there is something about the show that doesn't engage me, and it took me a while to figure it out. Which characters did I enjoy the most? Coulson, Hill, and Fury. Which ones am I having trouble caring about? Everybody else. The second episode was all about trying to make us care about these people, and thus far I cannot bring myself to.

I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Coulson as a character, but this feels more like a bad 90's syndicated series like Mutant X or Xena than what I was expecting from this show. I know most shows have their growing pains and need time to find their feet, so I plan to give this four more episodes. But if it doesn't hook me, I'm gone. And the scene with the inflatable raft was as stupid as Bolin.

Which brings me to "Legend of Korra". As for this week's episode? Well, I didn't hate it. But I hate how everyone is being made worse just to make the Creators' Pet, Mako, look good. Yes, I agreed with his actions in this. And Korra gets dumber and dumber every week. If Nickelodeon pulled the plug on this show right now, and it ended with Korra being eaten by an angry spirit, I wouldn't miss her... and I'd probably call it a happy ending at this point. I didn't hate her last season, but I despise her this season.

Water Lord Ozai sends his kids (including his crazy daughter) to hunt the Avatar and it succeeds in reminding me that I'd rather be watching the original series. Eska is no Azula. And Unalaq isn't even Fire Lord Ozai.

By the way, Varrick was behind the explosion and is trying to manipulate this war so he can make a profit. I don't know if he's going to turn out to be the real villain, or just an opportunist, but we'll see. Hell, I think that judge last week was paid off by Varrick to volunteer the info to Korra. She just demanded the sentence be changed, and then he just easily lets slip that Water Lord Ozai framed her dad years ago?

And what the hell is a prince of the Fire Nation doing working for another country's military? Shouldn't he be the commander of the Fire Nation navy?

Bolin, oh Bolin:

"Mako, that tingling feeling is back."
"Bolin, we've discussed this. Go to the Men's room, unzip your fly and pee. This is the 300th time this year. Go pee."
"Oh yeah... thanks, big brother."

When is Darwin going to kill off this retard so he can't infect the gene pool with his own crotch spawn?

I don't hate these shows, but I don't like them either.

EDIT: For the time being, I'm going to talk about both shows in a segment now titled "Shows I Want To Like"


  1. Are there any cartoons not produced by Greg Weisman that you do like?

    1. Seriously, anon? You're going there? From the past few years...

      - Avatar the Last Airbender
      - Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
      - The Venture Bros
      - South Park

      ... I will freely admit, I don't watch too many cartoons these days. But I don't watch too much TV these days.

    2. - Batman the Animated Series
      - Beast Wars
      - Daria
      - Transformers Animated
      - Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law
      - The Real Ghostbusters
      - TMNT 2K3
      - Megas XLR
      - Samurai Jack
      - Darkwing Duck
      - Pinky and the Brain

      ... shall I keep going?

    3. You might want to change to the Stracsynski era if you're mentioning The Real Ghostbusters considering it all went downhill at one point.

    4. what about duck dodger

    5. duck dodgers. It was a show from 2003-2005; one of those looney toons reboots, except this one was actually kinda funny (the season 2 finale had the right mix of humor and action?)

    6. I'm not one of those people who watches every (or even most) cartoons in existence, just FYI.

    7. okay, was just curious if you'd seen it.

  2. Agents of SHIELD is just an alright 90s show made in 2013. I think the characters are the biggest problem, and if the rumours are true that Joss Whedon had to rewrite some of the scripts because of their poor quality, then I don't see it lasting more than one season.

    As for Korra, I really hated her this episode. She was just so stupid and didn't seem to learn anything from these past episodes. Rushing in, making snap judgements, ignoring wise council, she did all that before and it started a war. And of course Korra breaks up with Mako because she put him in a position where he had to morally compromise himself.

    I really hope Varrick turns out to be a bad guy. He's been pushing them to go to war since the beginning. But knowing the way this show is going he'll just be another useless comic relief.

  3. I don't expect Korra to be rational given the events of the last episode. Not to mention, given what is the premise of the Beginnings two-parter, I think she'll be smarter as you want her to be. It's all about context.

    As for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I argue it needs to be given time considering it's just started. I believe people often complained about Buffy's first season and that one is a Joss Whedon show.

    And I thought the second episode was better than the pilot really. Showed the team working together, Melinda May is fucking awesome (her actress follows me on twitter. Huzzah!) and there are some interesting developments with Skye considering that last scene with her. Oh, and Fury's cameo is made of win.

  4. Among all the newbies Skye is the only one I can invest anything in. The rest of the cast is pretty bland from a personality standpoint.

    Personally I worry about any show that has the words "Executive Producer: Jeph Loeb" in it's Title/Credits.

    ""Mako, that tingling feeling is back."
    "Bolin, we've discussed this. Go to the Men's room, unzip your fly and pee. This is the 300th time this year. Go pee."
    "Oh yeah... thanks, big brother.""

    What is Bryke's obsession with bathroom humor? Do they honestly put this in the scripts thinking it's funny?

    "When is Darwin going to kill off this retard so he can't infect the gene pool with his own crotch spawn?"

    If he doesn't die or grow a brain by the end of this season, I'm going to officially denounce Darwin's ideologies'. :(

    1. "What is Bryke's obsession with bathroom humor? Do they honestly put this in the scripts thinking it's funny?"

      Actually, I wrote that... because Bolin is that stupid.

  5. I knew that, I was just too lazy to want to quote something accurately. ;) But the point still stands about their constant use of bathroom humor not being funny.

  6. So disappointed that "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D" isn't looking as great as it had the potential to be.

    Totally agree on Korra and everyone else getting dumber to make Mako look better (it worked, and that's the problem!), Korra is still unlikable and has yet to change her despicable aggressive ways, that the villains are weak, and Bolin is an idiot (I think he was slightly more tolerable in this episode now that he's away with his relationship with Eska, but still an idiot.) If Varrick turns out to be a villain, I'll be pissed since it'd be predictable and a repeat of Hiroshi Sato (way to make Asami even more miserable!), and I really feel like Varrick, along with Tenzin and his family, is the best part of the show right now.

    One correction, though: Iroh's not working for another's country's military. He's still with the United Forces, which means that he's in the military that represents the United Republic of all four nations. Though he's really showing that he shares his grandfather's knack for bad decisions since he was willing to aid Korra in her actions against the President's wishes here.

    1. "Despicable" isn't Korra's game. The problem is not that she does violent things. The problem is that she's thick as a brick and only half as useful, when the season should be about her calming down and getting in touch with her spiritual side.

      I hope Varrick isn't a villain, either. That would be too predictable. But this show is demonstrating a history of choosing the path of least resistance to surprise.

    2. Sorry, I meant to say "despicably aggressive." The aggressiveness of her attitude and actions has just reached the point where it's deplorable and hard to stomach.


    3. Just a question, Eric. Do you have a problem with TV shows with bad people as protagonists? Like Tony Soprano, Nancy Botwin, Peter Dragon, Dexter Morgan, etc?

    4. Those characters are "villain protagonists", aren't they? We're shown straight up that they're villains or at least very dark gray shaded anti-heroes but we're following their stories, therefore they're the protagonists. So no, I don't mind that at all. It's actually very interesting. My problem with Korra is that she was not set up that way at all back when the series began, and yet we're seeing her devolve into what should very well be a villain protagonist but the narrative and other characters don't seem to see her that way. She's just being an aggressive dumbass and that's it. No legit repercussions. That's why I honestly hope Unalak is on to something when he talks about the spirits raving the south and Korra inadvertently causing it, 'cause if not...

  7. I don't see Korra as an immoral character. I see her as the bog-standard "rash young hero" who is supposed to learn to control themselves and get better--think Luke Skywaler. The trouble is, she's not doing this.

  8. Heres something of interest, providing it's true, but apparently these links contain info on the 3 Seasons of ATLA as they would have been without the entire creative team:

    Book One-

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