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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Well Deserved!

Entire cast and crew Outstanding Drama Series

Bryan Cranston Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Anna Gunn Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Aaron Paul Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Moira Walley-Beckett (Ozymandias) Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series

Much deserved, you guys went out on top. Congratulations.

Speaking of "well deserved", I am amused that Marvel's TV division submitted practically their entire cast and crew of "Agents of SHIELD" for Emmys, and except for a special effects nomination (which it rightfully lost to "Game of Thrones"), the show was shut out entirely. Yes, very well deserved.

Now, for those of you who are tired of my negative comments about "Agents of SHIELD", I'm on the verge of finally getting it out of my system. I'm receiving an advanced copy of the Blu-ray to review for a website which receives hundreds of thousands of hits a week. Oh, yes... this is going to be fun. I cannot wait.


  1. I know. The wins are well deserved. See, I've been watching Breaking Bad over the past few months and not only do I see why people love it but I love the structure as to what it takes to turn this guy into a monster. It seriously shot up to my top 10 shows with Doctor Who, Hannibal, Bunheads, The Strain and Sailor Moon Crystal to name a few.

    I have Full Measures to watch next then it's onto seasons 4 and 5. This show is just good at keeping me invested like the most few moments of Half Measure had me fearing for Jesse Pinkman.

    And as for Agents of SHIELD, I'm probably the only person you know to like both shows. XD And I assume you're interested in Better Call Saul?

  2. "And as for Agents of SHIELD, I'm probably the only person you know to like both shows."

    Well, you're probably not going to like me when you read my review.

    1. I'm used to it. XD

      Besides, I can understand why you have it as a punching bag as I detest Full House, Blossom and Step by Step. I don't want television to go back to the days where 99 percent of sitcoms kind of sucked. For every Seinfeld, there's Friends.

      But unlike you, I haven't gotten hate for those shows out of my system. I am considering a sort of Full House Reviewed/Agony Booth recap of the Blossom and Step By Step. And being a feminist, the former tends to offend me so.

  3. I saw Graphicly Christian posted a blog to do damage control for Kurt Lehner. I had to laugh when they said they were setting up a Paypal button to raise money for Lehner because he was so upset that he wasn't able to go to a convention and profit off other people's work. The guy they brought in to scold you, Tom Cook, is shady as well. I saw a thread on the He Man board where he was accused of art theft. A fellow "con artist" (non-sexual double entendre) looks out for another.!

  4. If it wasn't clear enough from my last post, I think you did an excellent piece of investigative journalism.

  5. Who's willing to be "Agents of SHIELD' gets the ax after the new season? There surely must be only so much that the network and audiences are willing to take.