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Monday, January 12, 2015

Agent Carter

I think I will start out by admitting that I went into this with a major chip on my shoulder. I expected to hate it, but instead I received a gigantic apology for "Special Snowflake and The S.H.I.T. Squad". Now, I will say this, nothing is forgiven. When you create the worst television series I have ever seen, there will never be forgiveness. That being said, I really enjoyed the two-hour premiere of "Agent Carter".

Hayley Atwell is great, the character is great. The focus is tight, and I like how she’s a person first and an action hero second (although she can kick your ass). This is NOT a repeat of Special Snowflake where a beloved character was rendered impotent and the surrounded by a squad of idiots. At least thus far.

The ball could be dropped as the season progresses, but I like Peggy Carter. I like Howard Stark. I like Jarvis. Even her sexist, chauvinistic co-workers at the SSR (who reflect the very real times of post-war America) work better as you are intended to dislike them, as opposed to hating them because they are poorly written and acted.

There is no nepotism on the part of the production team this time and it shows. The showrunners have a track record, they have earned their positions. It's also nice to see the Russo brothers involved after the terrific work they did on "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". We have a team who knows what they're doing, who've proven their chops, and what a difference it makes.

Long story short, "Special Snowflake and The S.H.I.T. Squad" is still awful and if you enjoy it than chances are you're a cretin and I hate you; but "Agent Carter" has quickly won me over. I'm also now cautiously optimistic for the Netflix's Marvel shows.

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  1. I do know Marvel wants to make more shows so take what you will from that.

    I've been anticipating Agent Carter since its initial announcement and it didn't disappoint. Not to mention wow, I did not expect the chemistry among her and Jarvis to be that damn good.