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Saturday, January 17, 2015

I amar prestar aen. Han mathon ne nen. Han mathon ne chae. A han noston ned gwilith…
The power of the Enemy is growing. Michael Bay will use his puppet, Zack Snyder, to destroy DC Superheroes. “Dawn of Justice” has been unleashed…

I've been referring to Zack Snyder as "Michael Bay Jr." for a few years. Lord knows I hate to insult Sauron and Saruman by comparing them to these two dunces, but this idea struck me and it had to be done. So, I asked my dear friend, Will, he of the mad 'shop skills, and he whipped this up.

In Tolkien's world, evil cannot comprehend or create true beauty. Only pervert that which already exists... Melkor's song was discord, after all. I think Bay and Snyder fall into this idea nicely. So does Jeph Loeb.


  1. Saw this on Tumblr - it's perfect.

    I guess Jeph Loeb's Azog the Defiler, seeing how he's defiled Marvel? Oh, and Jerry Bruckheimer is the Witch King, being Bay's right-hand man!

    1. Both of those analogies work for me.