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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Agent Carter - Season One

What can I say, I loved it! I thought it was great! It left me wanting more. I wish I could write a longer review, but it's difficult when all you're saying is "I loved it", because I could find no fault in this series.

Marvel's greatest heroes are not and never have been about their powers or costumes. Spider-Man is about responsibility. The X-Men are about overcoming bigotry. Iron Man is about being a hero despite your personal flaws. The Fantastic Four are about family. Peggy Carter is about succeeding in a world that would rather patronize you. In the wrong hands, this could easily be heavy handed, but "Agent Carter" was woven by talented people both in front of and behind the camera, and I am glad they went in the direction they did, as we have sadly seen that this is a message that bears repeating.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the bromance between Peggy and Jarvis is the greatest platonic friendship between a woman and a man that I've ever seen on television. It's actually tragic how rare this sort of thing is, but never, not once, did I ever think about these two getting together while watching it. And what makes this even more amazing is that there is chemistry oozing between these two, but it's not romantic chemistry at all. Hell, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have more erotic chemistry between them than Peggy and Jarvis. Well done.

Although her real name wasn't revealed, I still believe that Dottie Underwood is Yelena Belova. As an antagonist, she was great with a genuine sense of menace. As was her boss, Johann Fennhoff (Dr. Faustus in the comic books), a genuinely creepy villain seeking vengeance against Howard Stark... Dr. Faustus, now there's a character I didn't believe would ever appear outside the comics.

I know that, as a viewer and a critic, I've had a difficult relationship with Marvel's Television division. I do not need to reiterate my thoughts on their TV output over the last three years, and as I've previously said, I went into this show with a chip on my shoulder. And now, while it's not the greatest TV series I have ever seen, that doesn't mean I didn't think it was great television. It did more than alleviate my fears, they made a timeless classic... and in a day and age where very few of the TV shows I watch don't star a villain protagonist, it's nice to have the leading character be a genuine role model, someone to look up to. I give the series an A+ and I am sitting here, biting my nails, hoping for a second season.


  1. Oh, we all are hoping for a second season. They better realize they have a good thing and not just keep it to a one-shot series.

  2. Besides which, they still haven't revealed who Peggy married.

    1. Or more importantly, who would go on to father her child, since said child should be a major character in Captain America 3.

  3. I think I've mentioned before that I was cautious about this show not only due to "Agents Of S.H.I.T", but because I felt and still do feel that the Peggy Carter character in that first Captain America movie would've been nothing without Hayley Atwell's spectacular acting, seeing as aside from adding a strong female lead, love interest, and aspect of tragedy, her role in the film's plot was very throwaway. It was her appearance in "The Winter Soldier" that got me truly interested in her and now she's proven she actually COULD carry a series of her own, though not without a great supporting cast to play off of. She feels so much more realized and human yet still absolutely awesome and commendable as a character. I hope for a second season too, since this one actually left me invested.