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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The rest is silence.


  1. I knew this would be coming in recent years, I just didn't know when, but it still devastates me. One of the world's greatest talents and a great man period will be missed. This man lived to be 93 and was just consistently amazing.

  2. I admit, I took for granted he'd live for more years to come and yet this is the very thing that worried me about the man. Of course as you know, the last film I saw he was in was The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies.

    He once said, that every actor will have their terrible movies but the trick is never to be terrible in them. And that's certainly true because the dude made The Man With The Golden Gun watchable; he was the legit best part of an otherwise terrible Bond film. Even Star Wars Episode II, he made that character work.

    And in honor of the dude, I watched the original Wicker Man especially since that was a film he kept pushing in support during and after making the film. Aside from being a great Horror film of itself with very fascinating themes, his performance as Lord Summerisle to me encapsulates how Lee was able to nail both as a friendly character and terrifying the next. I find not just his performance but the character itself more threatening than Dracula and even Saruman combined. Hell, he's probably the most threatening character he every played because of the sick hold he has on the denizens of Summerisle.

    And of course, the next day came Horror of Dracula or just Dracula in the UK (because apparently even in the 50's, they counted on people not telling the difference) and well, call me bias but Christopher Lee is my favorite iteration based on my bias for Lee alone and how it was executed in the final result.

    My real regret about the man is that I'll never meet him because it had been my dream of meeting the dude and I'm still sad he's gone but he lived a great life, had an awesome career he was passionate about and he'll likely gain more fans and maybe when people discover the original Wicker Man, it'll bury the Nic Cage/Neil LaBute version forever and for the better.

  3. Rip. He lived a long life