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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Visual Genius

I keep hearing all the time that "at least Snyder is a visual genius" and, honestly, I don't even believe that. His movies are ugly to look at. Drab. Dark. He's addicted to blue gels on his camera lenses. They're repulsive to look at.

Darkness works wonders with a character like Batman, but Superman is supposed to be colorful. It creates contrast. Superman is the day to Batman's night. I don't even like Superman at all, and I feel I understand him better than Snyder does. Look at this, Superman fans, I am defending your hero from the damage Snyder has dealt him. This is what it has come to.

AMC's "Better Call Saul" has a cast and crew of creative geniuses. The best cinematography on television. A single episode has a tiny fraction of the budget that BvS has. Both seasons probably have only a small fraction of that budget. And yet, Snyder, the so-called visual genius couldn't come up with better shots than the average on "Saul".

These shots are amazing and I wouldn't mind having them on my wall. Snyder hasn't created any shot that comes close.


  1. Pretty much this. Zack Synder's a film director, "Better Call Saul" is a television show. Usually both films and TV shows require great visual art and cinematography, but films typically have bigger budgets so films should at least match or be better than TV in terms of visual experience.

    What, then, is Snyder's excuse for making his films look so dull and ugly when the crew of a TV show can work such cinematography wonders every episode? What excuse other than "Snyder is a hack", that is? :P

  2. The sad thing is that these Superman movies COULD have been great. Zod's actually a tragic villain in that you can see where he comes from (he's trying to save his world, but his way of doing so will kill billions of innocents). Superman TAS shows that you CAN have a superman who's kind and optimistic and still be compelling (he nearly beats Hamilton to death when Hamilton refuses to treat Kara for instance.) It's can have him be kind and optimistic and have him with flaws. Lois figuring out his identity was nice

    Jonathan Kent is just a dick. Seriously, saying he should let the kids die.