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Friday, July 22, 2016

Just what the doctor ordered...

This helped me pinpoint one of the reasons 2016 has seemed exceptionally miserable... it's the first year in forever where I don't get to see Jon on TV every week.


  1. Sigh... I miss Jon. At least there are a lot of "spin-offs" starring people like Oliver, Bee, and Wilmore. I love Last Week Tonight, and I think Oliver is the closest to an heir Stewart has. I've only seen a little of Noah, but his Daily Show struck me as more of a second-rate spin-off than a true successor.

    1. I will never not miss Jon.

      I am loving John Oliver, and Samantha Bee... I think she's Jon's heir. Wilmore is getting better all the time.

      I can't stand Trevor Noah. The Daily Show is now toothless and irrelevant.

  2. Yeah Mom and Dad (who are MAJOR Stewart fans) haven't liked Trevor as much. Admittedly I never saw much of John (I was away at college at the time) but he always had an incisive point.

  3. This week on the late show is further proof that ever since Colbert & Stewart left Comedy Central, the news shows on that channel have felt naked (and not in a fun way.;) ).

  4. Colbert and Stewart left us too soon. I missed them.

    John Oliver is doing great, and so is Larry Wilmore. I like Samantha Bee sometimes, but her Clinton bias was obvious from the beginning.

    Trevor Noah has been weak. His show has been a mild chuckle at best, rather than the engaging experience The Daily Show was every night.

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    1. Thank you so much for this old news, Ryan. I never would have known.