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Saturday, August 13, 2016

... then they came for Kevin Conroy

Batman... the real Batman... broke his silence and commented on Zack Snyder's most recent cinematic excretion. Usually, in cases like this, actors keep their mouths shut. They want to work again, after all. But no actor has imbibed the character of Batman like Conroy has with his nearly three-decade stretch portraying the character. As far as I am concerned, Kevin Conroy is Batman.

But, the cinematic world has been invaded by a serpent named Zack Snyder. Snyder's movies are made to stimulate the nether regions of a certain kind of fan. Mostly angry. Mostly male. Mostly white. These movies have not been well received by most people outside their bubble, especially critics. Naturally, these Snyder-Bros lash out and accuse them of being bribed by Disney and Marvel. Or they make up other conspiracy theories. Bias. SJWs. Etc. Etc. They're at war with an enemy that doesn't exist.

May I ask you, who does this remind you of?

Now, I'm not out and out saying that Zack Snyder is Donald Trump. But Snyder's fans are definitely a lot like Trump's supporters. I'd be interested in seeing a Venn Diagram of the overlap. The parallels are uncanny. Snyder appeals to angry dude-bros in scary ways. He's their patron saint of comic book movies. Plus the conspiracy theories... "Crooked Hillary is rigging the election" and "Marvel is paying critics". I could keep going.

Trump's supporters never liked minorities, as Snyder fans don't care for that "SJW, Pussy, Marvel" crap. But, beyond that, Trump's supporters have turned against veterans. Witness their attacks on POWs and Gold Star families. Snyder's fans have done their own unthinkable, they turned on Kevin Conroy. And viciously. I'll share a few examples.


I think this all speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, petitions are being written and signed to shut down Rotten Tomatoes and Donald Trump is recruiting assholes to show up at the polls, armed, to intimidate the "wrong people" from voting... er, I mean make sure voting is fair.


  1. I've said it before but this is infuriating.

    Makes me hope the DCEU continues to crash and eventually burn, these fuckers don't deserve these characters.

  2. Another ironic thing? A LOT of DCEU fans said Squad would succeed because it was diverse. And ironically a lot of people have pointed out how most of its characters are rooted in stereotypes and half the female cast is sexualized.

    1. In the same week, my wife's two favorite Batman characters, Barbara Gordon and Harley Quinn, were in movies that portrayed them as sex objects for the important men in the story. This sucks.

  3. Why is it that most of the people who say they're against "political correctness" are pretty easily offended themselves? Seriously, the second someone mentions the "SJW agenda," it's like when 13-year-old discovers a swear word or a big word for the first time and repeats it ad nauseam to sound funny or smart.

    Honestly, after this and Ghostbusters, it really makes me wonder if the days of being proud to be a geek is nearing its end.

  4. I bet most of these idiots never even knew about B:TAS and have no respect for animation as a whole.

  5. The comparison you make between Zack Snyder and his fans to Donald Trump and his fans is very interesting, Greg. I agree with your assessment. Everything you say reminds me of how I feel towards Max Landis and his own fanbase. I've even noticed similarities between Max Landis and his fans to Donald Trump and his fans, just as you've done with Zack Snyder. While Donald Trump does pose a greater threat to the United States and potentially the world too if he's elected, Max Landis is more of a personal demon for me. He's the living embodiment of everything I don't want to be in my chosen field of film.

  6. "Michael Keaton's version of Batman killed on film nobody cared"

    Umm, yes, yes they did. A ton of fans hate that Batman killed people in those movies (plus he raped Vicki Vale- if she's falling down drunk and you're sober, that's rape). Killing Joker in the first movie could maybe be excused, as he definitely would have killed more people. But he also blew up a chemical plant that appeared to have people in it, threw random goons off towers, and in the second movie killed someone by strapping a bomb to his chest. Grinning like a maniac the whole time. There have been incarnations of Batman that killed, but at the very least he should show some seriousness about it and save it for a last resort.

  7. It fits. If you're used to being at the center of a (sub)culture, it's jarring when new people start moving it in. White men have always been the center of power in the U.S., and while there have always been women in fandoms (Star Trek is a big example), the major geek properties tended to be escapist fantasies for white teenagers and young men. So when new, more diverse people start becoming a significant factor, you have a choice. Do you welcome them in and try to share what you love? Or do you fight to keep them out, or at least submissive, to hold on to the prominence you're used to? Racism is the original sin of the United States, and nearly all of the social problems in this country or its media have some connection to that original sin.

  8. As I said on twitter...

    "The Batman does not kill. Period!" -Commissioner Gordon in Mask of the Phantasm, the actual best Batman movie. Conroy's view is right. Batman / Bruce Wayne is driven by trauma. No Batman without it. Hence no guns. Hence no murder. Hence...everything.

    One reason Batman stands out is that he's driven in ways other people are not. He trains and prepares because he CAN'T fail. It's personal.

    Of course, there have been myriad other takes on the Batman more liberal with what he'll do. I know that. They're just all wrong.

    If you compromise the psychology that makes ol' Bats act the way he does in the better toons, he's another guy in a cape. Which he's not.

  9. The only time Batman killed in comics was in the very earliest issues; it was early installment weirdness at best.

    A friend called the dawn of justice version "james bond moonlighting as the punisher." Kind of apt

  10. I love this incredible extreme overreaction to "I'm not comfortable with Batman killing".

    Keaton's Batman killing one or two people is a very different situation from the bloodbath that BvS is. People are so weirdly binary in their understanding of those themes and concepts.