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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Clearing Something Up.

I was recently, once again, accused of being mean to people that disagree with me. Well, and maybe I'm proving this idiot's point by saying this, but you will never see his comments on this blog again. Not because he and I disagreed, but because he was a goddamn imbecile. He's entitled to his opinions, but even when others pointed out cold hard facts... he said "Well, it still feels that way". You know, how things "feel". No reason, no logic. Just feel.

Didn't Stephen Colbert dedicate an entire, nine-year, television series to combating that level of stupidity?


But I have no issues with anyone who disagrees with me. As long as you engage me in intelligent conversation, and don't behave like an ass, I'll treat you with respect. A lot of people have commented here over the years whom I have disagreed with. I won't say there weren't occasional moments of head butting, but it's civil.

So yes, the individual in question could not be reasoned with, even after being proven wrong on a factual level. He continued to make comments, comments that I refused to approve... and will never approve. Why? Believe it or not, the argument itself wasn't the last straw. The last straw was when he blamed his behavior on his autism. If you do that, ever... you are dead to me.

I have a lot of friends on the autism spectrum. They do not behave badly, and they never, ever use their autism as a crutch. Being an ignorant asshole is a choice. And don't tell me you're not an idiot because you graduated from college... Donald Trump fucking graduated from college, and he's an asshole, a piece of shit, and an idiot. So fuck you.

And I just can't stand that excuse. I never could.

Okay, it's story time with Uncle Greg.

When the Gathering was still around, we had a gigantic asshole show up to three of the conventions. The first con he attended was run by a different staff than the one I worked on, and they allowed... let's call him Rod... they allowed Rod to run around and harass people, didn't enforce any of the rules, and harass the guests. Nothing was done to reign him in.

The next year, the team I was a part of hosted. Needless to say, we didn't have any of that shit. He showed up and, once again, walked around with entitlement oozing out of his every pore. He tried to harass the guests, he tried to talk all over people during the panels, and I'll never forget when the voice actors were signing autographs and he very publicly, and obviously tried to line jump... I marched over to him and told him that he needed to wait in line like everybody else. He argued with me. I told him again, he argued with me. I had to threaten to pull his badge and have hotel security escort him out before he screeched at me "FINE!!!!!!" (the entire room, and the talent heard him) before storming off.

That's only the tip of the iceberg... we had a list of complaints about him as long as Reed Richards' arms. What was the excuse he used? His autism. He demanded a free pass, and that he be treated like a king... that everything revolve around him... because he was autistic.

It climaxed at the final Gathering when the banquet was sold out and he spent two days walking around the con and demanding that people give him their banquet pass. That he was entitled to it because he was autistic.

Again, I realize this might sound ableist, but I don't mean to come off that way. I have a lot of autistic friends and they don't behave this way. Not only that, but they resent people that do.

I generally like this blog to be a respectful place. Not necessarily when I review bad productions, but when I engage back and forth with people that comment. But be respectful, don't be entitled, and for the love of god... don't make excuses for being an asshole.

In other news, the asshole I'm writing about has slithered over to another blog and is posting the exact same shit. I don't think he's played the autism card there yet, but he will... luckily that blog is run by a far nicer person than I.